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May - (part 2)

>> Friday, July 14, 2006

Albom, Mitch – Tuesdays with Morrie. This book has been on my list for years, but for some reason I’ve never actually gotten around to reading it. This ended up being a one day book, but I just loved it. I renewed it from the library so my husband could read it too.

Baldacci, David – Absolute Power. I’ve never read anything by Baldacci, but I’ve heard he’s good and writes the kind of thriller/suspense stuff that both my husband and I enjoy. I saw the Clint Eastwood movie that was based on this book many years ago, but I’ve forgotten more than I remember about the movie. I certainly don’t remember enough to be concerned about where the book and the movie don’t match up. I really enjoyed the book and will likely read more of his.

Coben, Harlan – Promise Me. Hooray for the return of Myron Bolitar!! I loved Coben’s series featuring Myron and his entourage. His recent stand-alone books have been awesome too, but I’m thrilled to see Myron, Win, Esmerelda, etc. back and was not disappointed in the book at all.

Dean, Debra – The Madonnas of Leningrad. I think if I had an aging parent or relative with Alzheimer’s like many of my peers do, I might find this book difficult to read. Since I don’t and my personal experience with a family member with Alzheimer’s is in the past, it’s not quite so personal for me right now. I really enjoy the way the author moves back and forth from Marina’s past which is so clear to her, and the present where she’s having such difficulty. Ultimately this book left some questions unanswered and never really completely developed the characters including Marina, but was still a good book.


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