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Themed Reading Challenge

>> Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wendy at Caribousmom has given us a challenge within a challenge – come up with your own theme. The Themed Reading Challenge runs from January through June 2008. Participants must choose at least 4 books that share a theme and you get to pick your own theme.

There are many creative themes that folks are coming up with for this one. Check out the participants list on Wendy’s blog to find some great book lists.

I pondered my TBR list and came up with and tossed out several different themes before deciding on mine. My theme for this challenge is Books that have One Word Titles. I’m planning on reading these four books:

I’m not nearly as creative as some of the other participants, but I think my theme will provide a fun variety of books to read.

Thanks Wendy!


Carrie 11/06/2007 8:04 PM  

Oh boy! Needed some inspiration on finding some books. One moment I have five books by my bedside - the next I've read them all (even those ones that end up surreptitiously in the bathroom!)

Love the links to other book blogs too! I think I might be set for sometime. Some excellent books featured!

Good luck with your challenges too!


Wendy 11/06/2007 8:05 PM  

You're welcome, Suzi! Creative theme too! I haven't read any of these so I'm looking forward to reading your reviews :)

SuziQoregon 11/14/2007 11:42 AM  

Carrie: thanks!! Good to see your blog active again :-)

Wendy: It's kind of a goofy theme, but it works for me!

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