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Wives and Sisters by Natalie R. Collins

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Published: 2004
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 321
From the Stacks #3

From the back cover:

Decades ago, young Allison Jensen and her best friend Cindy were separated in the woods. Cindy disappeared forever. Allison survived amid a web of small-town secrets and lies that greeted every anguished question she asked about that fateful afternoon.Years later, Allison has come home to the bedroom community of Farmington, Utah-back to the devout tyranny of her father, back to the close-knit society she rejected, and back to the conspiracy of silence that has plagued her with nightmares of guilt and loss. Out of her patchwork memory, the truth is emerging. So is Allison's rage-and her hunger for justice. Now, in a courageous and terrifying voyage of self-discovery, it's up to Allison to avenge the guilty...
This was a fast paced book that I read in just a couple of days. The author is clearly anti-Mormon – I need to say that up front. Personally, I feel that the same story could have been told with any small town fundamentalist, patriarchal background, but the author’s history led her to use the LDS church.
The mystery of what happened to Cindy and the shattered family life of Allison and her siblings is hard to read at times because of some clearly abusive family behavior, it was definitely an emotional story. The villain is a twisted and dangerous stalker. The people who seem to be helping Allison may or may not be the good guys.
It’s hard for me to say whether or not I liked this book. I enjoyed the mystery/suspense part of the story, but the heavy handed anti-Mormon agenda of the author overwhelmed it.


Amy 11/28/2007 7:07 AM  

Wow...sounds like a really interesting read. I will add it to my TBR

SuziQoregon 11/30/2007 9:03 PM  

Amy: I'll be curious to see what you of it. It was a decent suspense story, but the anti-Mormon stuff was a bit heavy.

Kay 12/01/2007 4:41 PM  

I read this one a while back and agree with your review totally. Great suspense, little too much anti-Morman comments. However, I felt the author must be going through some catharsis or something. Did you feel that? Anyway, it was a quick read and I'd recommend it for the suspense.

SuziQoregon 12/02/2007 6:16 PM  

Kay: I agree that she was working through some issues while writing the book. Nice to hear you agreed with my thoughts. Have you read any of her other books?

Kay 12/02/2007 6:28 PM  

Yes, I read Behind Closed Doors in January of this year and then read Wives and Sisters in February. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember much about Behind Closed Doors. Can recall more about Wives and Sisters.

The author also has a cozy mystery series written as Natalie M. Roberts. The first is called Tutu Deadly and the second is Tapped Out. I've heard good things about those.

SuziQoregon 12/03/2007 8:06 PM  

Thanks Kay - good info.

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