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Echo Burning by Lee Child

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Series: #5 in the Jack Reacher series
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 2001
Pages: 412
A-Z Reading #48 (E Title), TBR 2008 Alternate #8

Jack Reacher is one of my favorite characters. I’m not sure who it was that first recommended Lee Child’s books to me, but I’m very glad that someone did. This is the fifth in the series and I enjoyed it just as much as the others.

Jack is an ex military policeman who really just wants to drift and live his life without attachments. He travels with the clothes on his back, a toothbrush and cash in his pocket. The major complication in Jack’s life seems to be Jack’s inability to stay out of things when he thinks there is an underdog who can use some help. This usually ends up with Jack against not only the bad guys, but also one or more branches of law enforcement and or the justice system.

Jack is a little bit MacGyver and a little bit Rambo, and maybe a touch of Agent Gibbs from NCIS. He’s got some issues, but he’s a good guy who is out to help the underdog. This time around the underdog is a woman who picks Jack up when he’s hitchhiking through west Texas; hot west Texas. The heat is almost a character in this book. Carmen Greer needs Jack’s help and he ends up agreeing to see what he can do for her. Before long Jack doesn’t know who to believe. It seems like almost everyone is lying to him, people are in trouble and so is Jack. Then there are the 3 hired assassins that Jack doesn’t even know about.

The twists and turns keep coming and it takes a while for all the storylines to come together. I definitely recommend the series and hope to read the next one soon.


Melissa 11/14/2008 9:14 AM  

So funny - I have a Lee Child/Jack Reacher book sitting on the table next to the couch waiting to be started. I took it out of the bookcase the other day but haven't gotten to it yet!

Of course, I have no idea where it falls in the series, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway :-)

Literary Feline 11/14/2008 7:45 PM  

I am looking forward to trying this author. I've heard such great things about his series. Thanks for the great review!

Bookfool 11/15/2008 7:29 PM  

That's the best description of this series I've ever read. Is it too scary for me? You always know. The cover made me say, "Yikes".

SuziQoregon 11/16/2008 6:58 AM  

Melissa: why am I not surprised? Get the rest of the series - you'll like it.

Literary Feline: This is definitely one of my favorite series - The Hubster likes them too.

Bookfool: Hmmm - this particular book, you could do fine with a couple of the others have some gruesome stuff.

Tracee 11/16/2008 11:55 AM  

I haven't read a book by Lee Child but really want to. This one sounds very good. I found you through the Southern Reading Challenge and wanted to know if you might be interested in reviewing books for me. If so, please contact me at novelnoise(at)live(dot)com. Hope to hear from you soon, and happy reading!

Vickie 11/16/2008 2:28 PM  

I do like Lee Child, even though I've only read two of the series. I look forward to reading the rest.

Booklogged 11/16/2008 9:24 PM  

I thought I'd read one of the Jack Reacher books, but your description of him didn't sound familiar. Either it was a very long time ago or I didn't really read it. Good grief - having a poor memory is the pits!

SuziQoregon 11/20/2008 9:11 AM  

Tracee: Oh thanks for asking, but I really don't consider what I do here to be 'reviews' and in all honesty I have so many books on my TBR list already I probably shouldn't add anything that would be a commitment like that. Thanks for asking, though.

Vickie: Not surprised at all that you've liked the ones you've read of this series.

Booklogged: It's one of my favorite series.

CJ 12/18/2008 5:18 PM  

The problem with Lee Child is that he can't write his books as fast as I can read them. His Jack Reacher series is among my current favorites ---but I've read them all ---waiting impatiently for the next one.

SuziQoregon 12/29/2008 8:46 PM  

CJ: hee hee - I guess it's good to have a ways to go in a series. Thanks for the perspective :-)

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