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Audiobook - The Last Camel Died at Noon by Elizabeth Peters

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Series: #6 in the Amelia Peabody Series
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 1991
Read by: Barbara Rosenblat

This is such a fun series to listen to in the car. The stories are engaging, the characters are becoming old friends now that I’m in the 6th book of the series. The bits of humor have me getting looks from other drivers when I’m laughing out loud to myself while alone in the car.

Amelia Peabody and her husband Radcliffe Emerson are Egyptologists and Archaeologists exploring in the late 1800’s. As usual, their plans to spend the annual season at a dig in Egypt go a bit awry. Before they even leave England, they are asked by surviving family members to search for a long lost explorer and his wife, who went missing in Egypt 14 years earlier. When the Emerson’s travel plans are thwarted by an apparent epidemic of dying camels, they find themselves in the middle of the desert facing death. Well we know that’s not going to happen, don’t we?

Are the Forth’s still alive? Is there some sort of secret lost civilization still thriving and undiscovered by the expanding British Empire? If so, will the Emersons be able to resist the opportunity for study and exploration? Will that put them and their son in danger? Of course it will, and that’s what makes this series such fun.

This book is more of a downright adventure story than archaeological mystery which is a bit of a nice change. The reading by Barbara Rosenblat is well done and entertaining. She gets just the right amount of sarcasm in just the right places to just crack me up in the middle of an adventurous romp through the desert.


Vickie 5/13/2009 11:16 AM  

I swear, Barbara Rosenblatt could read the phone book and I'd listen. She is one of my favorite narrators.

SuziQoregon 5/13/2009 8:47 PM  

Vickie: I love Barbara Rosenblat. The first few of this series I listened to were read by someone else. I was very happy to get to those Barbara reads.

Mindy Withrow 5/16/2009 6:08 AM  

I love the Amelia Peabody books! A friend introduced me to them about 10 years ago, and now I read each new one with relish. I know what you mean about the characters feeling like friends. And since the author has a PhD in Egyptology, I've learned a lot of history and archaeology too. Thanks for your review!

Rebecca :) 5/18/2009 10:19 AM  

I had not heard of this series. This one sounds so interesting, though, so I am going to check out for the previous titles. Thanks for the review!

SuziQoregon 5/18/2009 6:14 PM  

Mindy: I agree, they're fun and I've actually learned a lot because she's inspired me to go online and learn more.

Rebecca: It's a fun series and I really enjoy them on audio.

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