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Mother's Day

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom, her older sister, and Grandma (1952)

Mom would have been about 16, her older sister in her late 20's and Grandma 49 years old.

I don't usually do any sort of Mother's Day post because at this point in our lives, we're childless orphans so Mother's Day is pretty much a non-event at our house. However a few weeks ago I received this picture in the mail (a different aunt had found it among some pictures she was sorting). I liked this picture a lot and decided to post it today.

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends who mother me when I need it most.


Melissa 5/10/2009 4:59 AM  

Your Mom was surely special - she raised you after all :)


Karen :) 5/10/2009 5:26 AM  

Love the pic! You look like your mom!

Carrie 5/10/2009 9:44 AM  

I think you look like your mum too! Weren't the clothes back then just so fine!?

dolcebellezza 5/10/2009 12:23 PM  

Don't you love the pictures of our mothers when they were younger? They look so glamorous, and somehow, more mature than the girls of today. I think each one in your picture is lovely, and although it's a bit tricky being a 'childless orphan' I'm glad that we had mothers who loved us.

Red lady-Bonnie 5/10/2009 12:43 PM  

What a treat for your aunt to send this to you. It's a beautiful picture and I'm sure it's one you will treasure!

Kailana 5/11/2009 2:28 PM  

I love pictures like this! How great!

Teddy Rose 5/11/2009 11:17 PM  

Thanks for sharing! I love old photos like this.

Les 5/12/2009 4:44 AM  

I was thinking the exact same thing as Bellezza. My mom and her girlfriends looked so much more sophisticated and mature in their teens and twenties than I did at the same age. I have an black-and-white photo of my mom when she was in her early teens and I swear it looks like a publicity shot a model or movie star would sign!

SuziQoregon 5/12/2009 7:03 AM  

Melissa: you would have liked her a lot.

Karen: that's what I noticed when I saw this.

Carrie: it's funny - most of the pictures of her when she was older (and heavier) the resemblance isn't there, but when she was thinner it sure is.

Bellezza: absolutely - I was surprised when I did the math and figured out she was 16 in this one.

Bonnie: definitely treat to get this in the mail.

Kailana: me too!

Teddy Rose: they're fun, aren't they?

Les: exactly! I think it's partly because we dress so much more casually.

Bookfool 5/13/2009 5:17 PM  

What a great photo! Thanks for sharing! I can relate to the orphan bit and although I'm not childless, Mother's Day was pretty dull. I got a phone call from my eldest (who spent Mother's Day with his girlfriend's family), the husband left town, and kiddo bought me a pocket angel then disappeared into his room to read comic books. :)

SuziQoregon 5/13/2009 8:49 PM  

Bookfool: isn't it a great picture. I thought about you a lot on Mother's Day. Did you plant something in honor of your Mom?

Eva 5/14/2009 8:58 AM  

What a wonderful picture!

Even though it's a long way off, I fear the day when I no longer have a mom to celebrate Mother's Day with. Fortunately, all of my grandparents are still alive too, so longevity seems to run in the family. ;)

SuziQoregon 5/18/2009 6:24 PM  

Eva: thanks - I really liked the picture. You're lucky to have all your grandparents.

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