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The Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge Wrap-Up

>> Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clear Off Your Shelves ChallengeMy Goal: 70%
Actually read: 73%

Yesterday was the last day for the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge hosted at S.Krishna’s Books

The point of the challenge was to read books that were already on my bookshelves. Participants had to set a goal of a percentage of books that they’d read between October 1, 2009 and November 30, 2009.

This challenge was perfect for me because I’d been neglecting the books on my bookshelves in favor of library books. Part of the reason for that has been the Support Your Local Library Challenge but with that nearing completion I was glad to have an incentive to read books I already owned.

I set a pretty ambitious goal of 70% for myself for this challenge. I didn’t have any pending review commitments so I really just needed to browse on my bookshelves instead of the library for a few weeks. Of the 15 books and audiobooks I read in October and November, 11 of them were books I owned so I met my goal with 73%

These are the books I read for this challenge:

  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

  • Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

  • Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble

  • Honeymoon by James Patterson

  • The Ruins by Scott Smith

  • Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay

  • The Blade Itself by Marcus Sakey

  • Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain

  • Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

  • The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

  • Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

  • The list is heavy on mysteries and thrillers because those are the books I tend to buy. I’m more likely to buy books that are something both The Hubster and I will both read. Books I know he’d have no interest in; I’m more likely to get from the library.

    The trade off for my success in this challenge is that for the past two months I’ve been adding books like crazy to my wishlist at the library to start reading once this challenge was over. Looks like December will be library catch up month for me. Look for lots of YA and Dystopian stuff, one Christmas book, and a couple of other books I want to read but will not likely pass along to The Hubster.

    Big thanks to Swapna for hosting this challenge. It was a lot of fun.


    Diane 12/01/2009 11:55 AM  

    Great job! I participated and was pleased with my results as well.

    Teddy Rose 12/06/2009 10:50 PM  

    Congrats on finishing all those books from your shelves!

    SuziQoregon 12/08/2009 8:17 PM  

    Diane and Teddy Rose: thanks! It was fun to read books I'd bought and neglected, but I sure did miss my library.

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