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Looking Back at My 2009 Reading (Part 1)

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

I was busy watching football all weekend so this had to wait until today.

A look back at my 2009 books and reading.

I went into 2009 with a mission for my reading. I wanted to be less structured and more spontaneous. That meant drastically reducing the number of challenges in which I participated. It did not mean throwing out my “to be read” list completely, but I intended to make it easier to go with the flow and pick up a book I just heard about if it sounded interesting.

Mission Accomplished.

I only joined a handful of challenges this year and it was just what I needed to do. I have a few favorite challenges and I joined a couple that came along that I couldn’t resist, but I left myself plenty of room for those whimpulsive reads.

My second major goal for 2009 was to make some progress in the many different series I am reading.

Again: Mission Accomplished.

Over half of the books I read this year were part of a series. Most of those were from series I’d already started, and a few were from new series. More details are in the statistics in a follow up post.

So, this more whimpulsive approach to reading worked well for me. I was able to enjoy a lot of books that I’d wanted to read but had set aside in order to meet challenge goals. I was also able to take advantage of book recommendations from other folks right away instead of putting most of them off until I finished challenge book lists. I fully intend to do the same in the future by limiting my reading challenge commitments to just a few that I really want to do.

One of my best sources of book recommendations has been fellow book bloggers and this year that expanded into the realm of Twitter. I tentatively explored the world of Twitter earlier this year and have been able to connect with a large group of long familiar as well as new to me book bloggers there. I have developed some new blogging connections and expanded my long list of TBR enablers.

Finally, my reading this year pushed some limits in the area of Young Adult books. I hadn’t read much YA before, but that changed in the latter part of 2009. It started with The Hunger Games because after reading so many positive reviews I just had to read (and love) it. After that I began paying more attention to recommendations for YA and Dystopian fiction. I can say I was pleasantly surprised at how many YA books I read and enjoyed this year. Thanks to all who contributed to push me in this direction (I'm looking at you in particular, Galleysmith).

All in all I had a good reading year. Most importantly, my reading this past year felt less like work or obligations and more enjoyable and fun.


Wendy 1/04/2010 12:47 PM  

I'm glad your new system worked so well for you, Suzi. I don't think I'll ever truly get impulsive with my reading because I am just too anal-obsessive-compulsive *laughs* But I really envy those readers who do that!

Marie 1/04/2010 5:17 PM  

I'm glad to hear your reading year was about fun- that's the way it should be! :-)

SuziQoregon 1/11/2010 1:35 PM  

Wendy: that anal-obsessive-compulsive stuff is exactly why I had to dreastically reduce my challenge participation. Once I made a challenge list I couldn't let it go uncompleted. It was beginning to make all my reading come from challenge lists (whether or not I still wanted to read the book). Keeping the challenge participation to a select few helped a lot. The other thing is that one of my challenges (the Support your Local Library Challenge) is really all about reading randomly for me.

Marie: Exactly - fun and enjoying it is the best goal.

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