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Wordless Wednesday #43

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hubster's BBQ Buddy

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auntie-c 7/28/2010 7:26 AM  

You really nailed this shot!! I like it!

Bellezza 7/28/2010 9:44 AM  

I love your title for this shot! It reminds me of my buddies: two kitties who insist on perching on the edge of my bathtub as I bathe. It's good we're all girls. ;)

Eleanor 7/28/2010 9:59 AM  

This frog (toad?) is just fixin' to do something interesting, I can tell!

rhapsodyinbooks 7/28/2010 11:07 AM  

We have one of these behind our bbq - there must be something about them they like!

Les 7/29/2010 4:17 AM  

Great capture! How big is he? You know, I don't think I've ever seen a frog in our yard! Only out in the country when we lived on an acreage with a creek running through out backyard.

Jen Forbus 7/29/2010 4:47 AM  

Ohhhh, I love it! I get little guys like that in my flower beds fairly often. Most of the time, if I'm not working right next to them, they'll stick around and it feels like they're watching what I'm doing. :-)

SuziQoregon 7/30/2010 9:18 PM  

Thanks everybody! This little guy has been hanging around on and around our grill ever since springtime. Every time The Hubster pulls off the grill cover he either hears a thump of the frog hitting the ground or he finds him on the grill somwhere. I think it's because we had such a long cold wet spring and early summer he was hanging around where it was sheltered and warm. At least he's safe from the lawnmower there! He's probably a couple of inches long so he's somewhere between a little tree frog and a full sized toad.

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