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Free Fall by Robert Crais

>> Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Fall by Robert Crais

Genre: Mystery/Detective
Series: #4 in Elvis Cole series
Publication Date: 1993
Pages: 288
Challenges: none
Source: Purchased new

The Short Version:
Elvis Cole and Joe Pike take on pretty much everyone in a great combination of humor and action.

Why I Read It:
This is what I consider one of my ‘fun’ detective series and I’m trying to catch up.

The Book
Elvis Cole is hired by a young woman to find out what is going on with her fiancĂ©. Mark Thurman is an LA cop and she thinks he’s in some sort of trouble. When Thurman himself shows up in Elvis’ office and basically says ‘go away I’m involved with another woman’, Elvis figures his work is done. Jennifer Sheridan, however refuses to believe it and convinces Elvis to keep digging.

Thurman is part of an elite undercover unit of the LAPD working in the notorious South Central area fresh out of the aftermath of the Rodney King riots. As Elvis keeps digging he finds some things about this unit that just don’t seem to add up to honest police work.

Possible crooked cops, gangs and a wrongful death suit against the unit that was mysteriously dropped all indicate that something isn’t right.

Elvis and his partner, the wonderfully scary but fun Joe Pike, take on both the cops and the gangs in search of the truth while trying keep themselves and their client alive.

My Thoughts:
I just love Elvis Cole. He’s a great mix of smart detective who genuinely cares about people and has no patience for nonsense. He’s got a great sarcastic wit which makes the books a perfect blend of interesting mystery and action with moments that make me laugh. Joe Pike is just awesomely scary and cool and definitely the man I’d want looking out for me. Yes, they’re tough guys who can banter with the best of them (Ok, Elvis banters, and Joe makes profound statements with either a single word or look), but they have a great sense of justice and want to see the right result to any situation.

This one takes place in LA with the Rodney King incident and riots still fresh in everyone’s mind. When Elvis and Joe discover that there’s some sort of police corruption mixed up with dangerous gang leaders they can’t let it go. Going against both street gangs and an LAPD unit straight out of FX’s The Shield? Of course I’d bet on Elvis and Joe.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t discover this series fairly recently because I have a lot of backlist to work my way through before I’m in that awful position of having to wait for the next book to be published. The series is just getting better with every book.

Rating 4/5


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