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A reason to love Powell’s even more – the iPhone app

>> Friday, August 5, 2011

It’s no secret. I love Powell’s.

I appreciate that I’m fortunate to live in Portland and can shop there whenever I want. I tend to do most of my Powell’s shopping at the Cedar Hills Crossing location because it’s closer to home, but I still love the downtown City of Books Location.

If’ you’ve never been to Powell’s I can assure you that it’s unlike any other bookstore I’ve ever been in.

Multiple floors and multiple rooms full of books. Getting around the store is a bit like living in the MC Escher print of the stairways going all different directions.

I can and have spent hours on any given day just roaming the aisles in Powell’s. Browsing one section can lead to a side trip to another and another and another.

I’m fairly familiar with the store and where my favorite sections are located, but to a first time or irregular visitor, finding a particular book can be a challenge. This is where your iPhone can come in handy.

Last time I was at Powell’s I couldn’t resist giving the free iPhone app a try.

First step is to do a search for the book you want. Narrowing it down to the title is sufficient because new, used, hardcover and paperback area all shelved together.

Pick your title then tap “Directions to Here”

It’ll want to know where you’re starting from., Look around the room you’re in will be easy to figure out from the color scheme. No there’s not a coffee colored room, that one refers to the in store coffee shop.

I was in the Orange room. From there it’s a simple matter of following directions and moving from screen to screen to as you move from room to room.

I love that there’s even an option to choose an accessible route if stairs are an issue for you or anyone you’re shopping with.

Yeah, I knew exactly where to go to get the book I wanted but it was more fun this way and for someone new to Powell’s I definitely recommend having this app with you.


Vickie 8/05/2011 8:50 PM  

Cedar Hills Powell's is where my buddy Jenna goes to book signings. She likes that one, too, since it's near her home. She is my enabler, letting me know when authors I/we like will be there and she goes for me.

Nulaanne 8/06/2011 12:04 AM  

Even if I had an iPhone, I don't think I would use that app. Half the fun of Powells is getting lost in the shelves.

Thomas at My Porch 8/07/2011 7:32 AM  

I could have used that app when we were there last summer. I found that going first thing in the morning was the best time to be there. It was before the amatuer browswers should up.

Les 8/09/2011 1:29 PM  

Wow! How cool is that?! I just wandered around aimlessly, but I wasn't looking to buy anything, so it wasn't a problem. Still, I should get that app for my next visit!

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