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Short Story Monday – Death by Drowning by Agatha Christie

>> Monday, August 29, 2011

I’m finishing up the to the last of the related short story collection featuring the Tuesday Night Club.

Death by Drowning by Agatha Christie
Part of a collection published as The Thirteen Problems originally published 1932
Published: originally published 1932 this edition published 2004 by Harper Collins

The first twelve stories in this collection were grouped in two sets of six. The first six were The Tuesday Night Club group gathering at their weekly meetings to share and ponder mystery stories. The second set of six in this collection took place at a dinner party that included Sir Henry Clithering and Miss Marple from the Tuesday Night Club group as well as a few new characters.

In Death by Drowning, Sir Henry Clithering makes a visit to St. Mary Mead and is encouraged by Miss Maple to get involved in a murder investigation.

The morning calm at the Bantry;s house where Sir Henry is visiting is broken by disturbing news from town, A young woman from town is found drowned in the river. It was fairly well known that she was pregnant and unmarried and that the father of the child was a young man visiting from London. The initial speculation was that the girl had killed herself rather than face her family. Later that morning Miss Marple comes to visit and tells Sir Henry that she is sure the girl was murdered and that the wrong person will end up being hanged for the crime. The problem is that Miss Marple has no proof that the person she suspects actually committed the crime. She gives Sir Henry a slip of paper with the name of the person she suspects and asks him to find a way to participate in the investigation

Although the local investigators are sure they know who the perpetrator is, Sir Henry keeps asking questions and nudging their investigation further. Sure enough by the time the slip of paper from Miss Marple is revealed, the real killer has confessed.

I have enjoyed the introduction to Miss Marple that this collection of stories provided. I will definitely be adding some of the other Miss Marple books by Agatha Christie to my reading list.

Short Story Mondays is hosted by John at The Book Mine Set.


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