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Short Story Monday – The Days When You Were Anything Else by Marcus Sakey

>> Monday, October 10, 2011

This is the first in a collection of seven short stories by one of my favorite mystery/suspense authors.

The Days When You Were Anything Else by Marcus Sakey
Part of a collection of seven stories available as an ebook Scar Tissue: Seven Stories of Love and Wounds
This story and a few others in the collection are also available individually
Published: 2010

I have enjoyed all of the suspense books by Marcus Sakey that I’ve read so far. I’ve heard good things about this collection of his short stories also. I’ll be featuring them here on Mondays over the next few weeks.

In The Days When You Were Anything Else, Frank tells his story of the lengths he’ll go to in order to protect the daughter who now despises him yet still keeps in touch. She calls him every few months and he hangs onto that connection even though she usually tells him that all her troubles are his fault. He admits that it’s probably true, but as long as she’s still calling him he has hope. Can he leave his past behind or would that also mean leaving his daughter behind for good?

I liked the way this story played out. Frank’s history is told in mostly flashbacks over a fairly short number of pages yet is nevertheless fully told. When someone shows up at the bar where he works with the locket his daughter wore the anguish of his dilemma is palpable.

I’m looking forward to reading more of these stories from one of my favorite authors.

Short Story Mondays is hosted by John at The Book Mine Set.


Harvey Burgess 10/27/2011 1:35 PM  

This sounds like an interesting read based on the relationship between the two. Some people say that with thrillers and detective novels the characters can often be flat and the relationships cut and dried, so it is nice to find a read that defies that description.

I hope readers consider the relationships in my books like this!

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