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Weekend Update: October 30, 2011

>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Update
Since my last update:

I haven’t finished a thing. I’m still reading the same things I started last week.

The book I’m reading is The Tigress of Forli by Elizabeth Lev. It's a fascinating biography of a fascinating woman. Catarina Sforza was an Italian Noblewoman in the late 15th and early 16th century who was an amazingly astute player of the political games of the era.

I’m thoroughly enjoying listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (read by Wil Wheaton) as my current audiobook, selection. I’m through 3 of the 13 CDs and so far can highly recommend this to anyone who lived through the 1980’s.

My current short story collection is one by Marcus Sakey called Scar Tissue: Seven Stories of Love and Wounds. I like the way he introduces each story with telling a bit about the background of the story such as when and why he wrote it. It's a nice addition to the stories and I'm enjoying having a bit of background on them.

Other than books and reading:

I started a new knitting class this week. It’s a fun class because we all got to pick our own projects. The instructor limited the number of students because she wanted everyone to have the freedom to do whatever they wanted to work on but still be able to help everyone. I’m enjoying the format a lot because even listening to the instructor help another student on a totally different project is good information.

This will eventually be a baby sweater.
yarn for baby sweater

New on my shelves and lists:

The Drops of God by Tadashi Agi
 The Drops of God by Tadashi Agi
This one is all SKrishna’s fault. She was mentioning on Twitter the other day that she was learning a lot about wine from a graphic novel. That got my interest and then she went on to say that it was also a Japanese manga book. Having never read any graphic novels nor any manga I became even more intrigued. The more information I found about this first in a series the more interested I got. Luckily my nearby Powell’s had a copy in stock. I’m really looking forward to a bit of a reading adventure.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!


Eleanor 10/30/2011 8:46 AM  

Seriously loving the colors for that baby sweater!

SuziQoregon 11/15/2011 9:22 PM  

Eleanor: I'm very happy with the colors that they put together for this one.

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