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Weekend Update: October 9, 2011

>> Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Update
This week: I finished A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. It was a tough read in many places but Jaycee told her own story. I needed to follow that up with something light so I finished 1225 Christmas Tree Lane. It’s the final book in Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series. She likes to do holiday themed books and this one is an appropriate finale to a series I have enjoyed for several years.

I started reading Chris Bohjalian’s The Night Strangers. A ghostly story always feels like a good thing to add into the reading mix this time of year. I’ve only read one other of his books (The Buffalo Soldier) and liked it a lot. I’ve heard good things about this new one. I did hear that it starts with a plane crash so I decided I’d better get it read now before I get on a plane later this week.

I am still enjoying the heck out of Beauty Queens by Libba Bray as my current audiobook. The author reads it herself and it’s just a fun read for my driving around time. I hope I can finish it up this week but that may or may not happen.

Other than books and reading:

I finished the main part of the throw I’m crocheting for myself. I’m working on the border now. I’ll wait to post a full photo until I’m done, but in the meantime here’s a look at what the pattern and yarn look like.
Throw pattern detail

On Tuesday it seemed that the world was tuned into the Apple announcement to find out the details of the new iPhone. I didn’t care one little bit about the phone I was waiting for information on any changes to the iPod Nano. I have a couple of iPods but my old first generation iPod Nano is the one that I use for audiobooks. Music and podcasts live on my iPod touch. My nano is still going strong but it’s not the greatest for when I want to listen to a book while out walking. I hate the armbands so I end up carrying it in one hand. Besides, one of these days it’s going to quit working and I’ll be very sad. I decided I want to get a newer nano because they are so small and come with a clip so I can easily clip it to my shirt. My focus on the Apple announcements on Tuesday was because I’d heard that new 7th generation nano was on the way. I needed to know if it would still have the clip because if it didn’t I planned to buy a 6th generation model while they were still available.

So Tuesday I weeded through all the iPhone chatter to discover that not only does the 7th generation iPod nano still have the clip, it’s also cheaper (insert happydancing). A couple of other features make this new model perfect for me for when I use it for walking. It’s got a pedometer that works with the Nike+ system without needing the shoe tag. Even better is the mono audio option. It routes the audio so that I can hear both channels of it even through one ear-bud. This is a safety issue for me because when I’m out walking I never have my headphones plugged into both ears. I need to be able to hear cars and perhaps more importantly bicyclists coming up behind me so I only use one ear-bud on my walks. This will be nice for when I do choose to listen to music while walking. So yes, I ordered one and it’ll be delivered tomorrow or Tuesday.

New on my shelves and lists:

I didn’t add any new books to my shelves or my TBR list this week. I organized the review books I have and figured out what’s due and when. I also looked at what I still needed to read for the What’s in Name 4 challenge and moved those up near the top of the list.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!


Eleanor 10/10/2011 4:45 AM  

(a) I love everything about the throw-in-progress (the stitch, the color!!!, the fact that you are finally getting some of your own work to keep)

(b) Ooh on the new Nano. I feel compelled to put that on my Do Want list now. You are so handy for doing all the research that totally zapped by me.

Beth F 10/10/2011 6:22 AM  

I am not an "i" person but it's so funny that you just got a new mp3 player with a clip. I have used Creative products for years and I usually buy the silicone sleeves for them, which include a clip (extremely important for me). I thought one of players bit the dust the other day. It stopped playing mid-walk (yikes!) and no amount of recharging, resetting, plugging into the computer would bring it back to life. So I just order the Sansa Clip! It's a bit bigger than the Nano, but also has a built-in clip. Just before I tossed the Creative in the trash, I tried turning it on one last time. Ummmm. It started working! LOL. Oh well, I can always use an extra player.

SuziQoregon 10/11/2011 9:23 AM  

Eleanor: thanks - I'm so excited to finally be finishing this throw and actually use it this year instead of working on it. My new nano got here yesterday and I already love it. It obviosly doesn't have the GPS of the iphone Nike+ app and I've got to get the pedometer calibrated so I haven't tested out that part yet.

Beth: Oh I've had several cases with clips as well as one that hung on a lanyard around my neck, but just haven't had one I liked. This teeny tiny nano is great - so small and light I may end up increasing my audiobook time. It's got a 30-second backup button that's perfect for when I have to stop and return to my audiobooks. Too funny about the revived player. I never trust electronics that appear to have fixed themselves so it's probably good that you have a backup now.

Kailana 10/11/2011 4:40 PM  

The Nano sounds awesome. I think I would actually listen to more audio books if I invested in one.

Les 10/17/2011 3:42 AM  

I got a Nano last year for my birthday and I love it! I listen to audio books while working (for 2 hours before the store opens) and I like using the pedometer to see if I can hit the 10,000 step goal every day. It's the perfect size, isn't it?

SuziQoregon 10/27/2011 9:19 PM  

Kailana: so far, I'm very happy with the nano. I love the 30 second backup feature for when I return to my audiobook.

Les: I haven't really checked out the pedometer yet. I need to get to a track and calibrate it. Love the size but I'm afraid I'm going to lose it.

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