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Looking Forward to 2012

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Forward to 2012

Reading Plans

I’ve kind of avoided setting any specific goals for the past few years. I don’t like to have goals get into the way of my reading what I want and when I want.

That said – I have signed up for Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge and have set my goal at 85 books. This isn’t a huge leap for me but it is an increase. In 2010 I read 81 books, in 2011 I read 80. I think 85 is doable but it’s not enough of an increase to make me select books just because they’re short or to avoid books because they’re chunksters. I’m still committed to reading what I want and when I want.

I’ve been a member of the Goodreads 75 Books group for the past couple of years but in all honesty 75 is not a stretch for me and 100 is too much of a stretch. That’s why I’m aiming for 85 but not going to sacrifice to make it if it looks unlikely come mid-December.

One of the reasons I’m doing this is that this year, while I have read about the same number of books, I’ve read significantly fewer pages than last year. It was increased audiobook time that kept my final books read number consistent. There are a couple of reasons for this. Part of it is that I’ve changed my work schedule and now have a half-hour lunch break at work. This cuts a significant amount of reading time out of my average day. The other major reason is that I spend a significant amount of time on Twitter talking about books instead of actually reading books. I want to achieve a better balance in that area in 2012. I love chatting about book with the folks I talk to every day on Twitter but I need to not let it interfere with my routine book reading time.


For the past few years I’ve been extremely picky about which blogging reading challenges I’ve joined. I want to keep flexibility in my reading. In 2011 I strictly kept to my one an only one challenge rule and had a great time again with the What’s in a Name challenge. I’ve participated in this challenge every year and I plan to participate again in 2012. BethFishReads has once again come up with some fun categories for us.

I’ve succumbed to the lure of a second reading challenge for 2012 and will be joining the Criminal Plots II challenge hosted by Jen at Jen’s Book Thoughts. It’s a combination of my favorite genre and the category theme that I love about the What’s in a Name challenge. I’ll be posting more details later this week in my official sign up post.


I tried a few new things last year and some of them will continue and some won’t.

Book Reviews will obviously be the primary focus here. Realistically since I read 80 and 81 books in the past two years it’s simply not possible for me to post more than an average of two book reviews a week. I just don’t read fast enough to post daily book reviews like some bloggers who read many times more books a year than I do.

The Books Purchased page I started last year didn’t keep my interest or attention so has been retired.

Confessions of a Serial Reader will (hopefully) continue as a monthly feature. I have fun with this and love that other series addicts join in the discussion. I sometimes struggle with topics however, so if there are any series related topics you’d like me to talk about, please let me know!

Weekend Update will continue most weekends. I refuse to commit to either Saturday or Sunday and I also reserve the right to skip a weekend here and there. I have enjoyed this weekly wrap-up format and plan to continue it with the possibility of format changes or random craziness here and there as needed. I like that it’s a great format for sharing my current knitting and crocheting projects as well as talking about books and reading.

Short Story Mondays will probably continue but will not necessarily be a weekly thing. I’ve enjoyed my exploration into short stories but I think I want to step back from committing to posting about short stories every single Monday. It’s that Whimpulsive thing.

Wordless Wednesdays will most definitely continue. I don’t pretend to know what I’m doing with my camera but I have a great time playing and sharing photos.

Hangin’ With Howie hasn’t been around much this past year. I think he needs to visit more often.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!!


Beth F 1/03/2012 6:50 AM  

I'd love to see more Howie -- I kind of miss him. So happy your photos are staying around.

Because I don't read many short stories, that's a post I tend to skip -- here and everywhere -- on Mondays.

I really love people's weekend updates or link round-ups or Sunday Salon posts, so I'm glad you plan to keep it.

Here's to a relaxed 2012.

Lisa 1/03/2012 9:57 AM  

I really like the weekend update type posts, they are usually my favorite posts on any blog. Glad you're keeping them. Happy New Year!

Aarti 1/03/2012 3:27 PM  

I think my 2012 will have a lot more audiobooks than any previous year, and that the number will increase going forward for at least a few years because I'm going to have a very long commute to work when I graduate. Hopefully I can find audiobook versions of books already on my TBR pile at home and just get through them that way!

Kailana 1/03/2012 6:57 PM  

Sounds like you have a fun 2012 in store!

Maybe we could read a book together this year... We have 'known' each other forever and never done that before. Just a thought I literally just had, so no worries if you don't agree. :) 1/07/2012 6:12 AM  

I'm glad that the weekend updates and serial reader posts will continue into the new year. As for Twitter (the time-killer), for me, it's also Facebook. Sometimes it's just time to quit talking about reading and actually doing it: agreed.

SuziQoregon 1/17/2012 8:49 PM  

BethF: Yeah - I do need to make sure Howie makes regular appearances. Such a goof.

Lisa: Thanks - I hesitated about continuing the weekend update posts but I've heard from enough folks who like them that I'll continue. I'm thinking I may play with the format occasionally.

Aarti: Moer audiobooks is always good. I need to find ways to increase my audiobook listening time.

Kailana: I hope so! I would LOVE for us to read a book togehter this year! We share a lot of common likes and like you say, have 'known' each other for years. We need to make this happen.

UnfinishedPerson: Thanks - I've received enough positive feedback to continuing both the weekend updates and the serial reader feature that I'm convinced. Sounds like we both need to work on less talking about books and more reading books, huh?

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