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Weekend Update October 14, 2012

>> Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Update

Since my last update:
I finished Black Fridays by Michael Sears. I really enjoyed this one. It’s a suspense thriller with a side of heartwarming. I reviewed it Friday. I started Say You’re Sorry by Michael Robotham. It’s a new book in a series I haven’t read before but I’m learning to let go of my compulsion to only read series books in order. Sometimes starting with a later book is just fine. This is huge for me to be able to say.

I also read When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka. I loved her second book (The Buddha in the Attic) and had wanted to read her first ever since.

On audio, I’m listening to The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny. This is another entry in the series where she takes a limited number of series regulars and takes the action out of the normal locations. This can be both good and bad with a series that has a cast of regulars. It’s good so far.

Other than books and reading:
After fourteen years our over the range microwave finally gave up. It’s had a random glitch for the past couple of years. Every once in a while the control panel would be ‘mostly dead’. For no apparent reason only the 1, 6, and start buttons would work. This would last a few days and then everything would be fine again. We suspected it was possessed. Well a couple of weeks ago it happened again but just refused to revive itself. While I was getting good at starting everything for 11:11 and then stopping it when enough time had elapsed it just wasn’t going to work long term so we had to adopt a new microwave.

Yesterday was installation day. My typical approach to home improvement projects like this is to go get a pedicure or go shopping until it’s all over with. I couldn’t do that with this one because The Hubster needed my help to take the old microwave down and put the new one back up.

As much as Howie likes to think he’s an excellent helper, opposable thumbs and longer legs and arms were necessary.

All in all it went rather smoothly with no audible cursing and only one trip to Home Depot for a new giant drill bit that will probably never be used again.
The Howie complication is just part of any and all projects at our house.

Abby is the same way. One of these days when Abby gets on the treadmill when I’m done, I’m going to turn it back on.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.


Charlie 10/15/2012 1:26 PM  

Argh microwave trouble, ours likes to stop working randomly so we have to set longer times and make sure to remember to manually turn it off once done, though it is ancient. Hope your new one works okay!

SuziQoregon 10/21/2012 9:58 AM  

Yeah - we knew it would be a pain to replace it so we waited until it really flat out wouldn't do functions we really needed. We're glad to have a fully functional microwave again.

Les 10/25/2012 11:15 AM  

We replaced our microwave a few years ago when we got a new stove. (They had to match, right?) We had Sears install it, for which I'm thankful. Rod and I do not do well together when it comes to DIY projects, and I suspect our plaster walls would have made for quite the challenge in patience. ;)

Love that first shot of Helpful-Howie. :)

SuziQoregon 10/29/2012 10:28 AM  

Les: I usually avoid having to assist with DIY stuff around here but The Hubster really did most of it. I just had to help pull the old one down and lift the new one into place.

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