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Weekend Update December 2, 2012

>> Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Update

Since my last update:
I finished the graphic novel Stumptown by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth. I really enjoyed it and will be watching for volume two, I enjoy reading things that are set in my home town and for crime fiction fans this is an excellent graphic novel.

For my audiobook I’m currently listening to Leader of the Pack by David Rosenfelt. It’s the most recent Andy Carpenter book and it’s sticking to the familiar formula but still a fun series. I really enjoy Grover Gardner’s narration of this series.. His Marcus cracks me up every time.

I haven’t read any more of Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie because I’ve been focusing on other books but maybe when I finish my current read I’ll get back to it. I enjoyed the Miss Marple short stories I’ve read and so far I’m enjoying this first book featuring her.

I’m currently reading Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen. I’ve read some of Bowen’s Molly Murphy series featuring an Irish Immigrant in turn of the century New York and enjoyed it. Her Royal Spyness is a cozy mystery series set in London and Scotland in the 1930’s featuring a delightful heroine. Georgie (short for Lady Georgiana) is broke but as a member of the extended royal family (she’s technically 34th in line to the throne) having something so menial as a job is frowned upon. I like this one so far.

Cozy Mystery Week:
Speaking of Cozy Mysteries – it’s officially Cozy Mystery Week as hosted by Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelves.

She’s already kicked off the week and you’ll find posts and more information at her blog. I plan to feature three cozy series here this week.

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day
Yesterday was the official day but as far as I’m concerned every day can be Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day.
Books to donate
We don’t have kids so we honored this day the same way as we did last year. I bought some books that we’ll donate to a Holiday Toy and Gift drive. I tried to get books for a mix of age ranges because I know that sometimes gifts for the older kids are a hard to fill need for the gift drives.

Other than books and reading:
I’ve managed to get myself involved in a second Photo a Day challenge for December. I’m still doing Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day because I don’t want to break my streak of daily photos now that I’ve got eight and half month’s worth under my belt.

Michelle at My Books, My Life can take the blame for this. She posted this daily photo list on Twitter yesterday and I just loved the holiday theme.
Capturing December Photo a Day
I couldn’t resist so I’ll be posting photos for this as well as my other Photo a Day stuff on Instagram this month. If you’re on Instagram you can find me there as SuziQoregon.

Speaking of photos the light this week as I’ve arrived downtown in the mornings has been amazing.
Yamhill District Holiday lights
This is the stop where I get off the train in the morning and I love it when the trees are all lit up for the holidays.

Pioneer Square Tree 2012
I think the tree in Portland’s Pioneer Square looks best in the early morning.

And then, there's the cats . . .
Howie and Abby

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Charlie 12/03/2012 5:44 AM  

Some good reading, and lovely photos! I remember when I helped out with gifts for children at Christmas (the sort of thing you're doing) there was always this drive to get people to make them up for older kids. I suppose it's either easier to buy for younger ones or people think younger ones need gifts more :(

SuziQoregon 12/22/2012 9:09 PM  

Charlie: thanks! I agree it's important to remember the older kids when donating for holiday stuff.

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