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Y: The Last Man Vol 2: Cycles by Brian K. Vaughan

>> Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Y: The Last Man Vol 2: Cycles by Brian K. Vaughan

Y: The Last Man Vol 2: Cycles by Brian K. Vaughan with art by Pia Guerra

Genre: Science Fiction (Graphic Novel)
Series: #2 in the Y: The Last Man series
Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Publication Date: 2003
Pages: 128
Source: Library

The Short Version:
The only surviving male after a sudden plague is on the run with a bodyguard and a scientist who is trying to find out what happened and why he is still alive before some crazies kill him.

Why I Read It:
The first volume of this series quickly got me hooked and I checked out the next two from the library.

The Book:
This volume 1 is a compilation of issues 6-10 of the comic series.
From the Publisher:

It's 2002, and a plague of unknown origin has killed all of the male mammals on Earth-all except an amateur escape artist named Yorick Brown and his surly helper monkey, Ampersand.

As the last remaining &-chromosome carriers on the planet, Yorick and his pet hold the fate of humanity in their hands. To ensure the survival of the species, they've teamed up with a gun-toting government agent and the world's premier bioengineer to discover the secret behind the plague. But while they ride the rails across a radically transformed America, the man-hating Daughters of the Amazon are right behind them-and an unplanned stopover in the seemingly utopian town of Marrisville, Ohio may mean the end of the line for the Last Man.

My Thoughts:
I am becoming a big fan of Brian K. Vaughan. His stories are interesting and have quite a bit of humor which I enjoy. The artwork in this series is not as visually stunning as the art in Saga but it tells its part of the story adequately.

Yorick is kind of a doofus at times but he’s also pretty funny. The time setting of this story in the ‘possible near future’ makes it interesting to me to see how Vaughan and Guerra portray the way present day people could possibly react to the scenario they imagine. To me that makes it less of a science fiction story and perhaps more of something I can read in with a ‘how in the heck would I react’ mindset.

It’s a fun series in a “what if” kind of way and the mix of action, humor and occasional interesting takes on feminism, relationships and gender roles keeps things interesting. I already have the next in the series out from the library and will be reading it soon.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5


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