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Weekend Update April 28, 2013

>> Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Update

Since my last update:

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and my reading time has suffered a bit but things are gradually returning to normal.

I’m almost finished with Little Elvises. It’s the second book in Timothy Hallinan’s Junior Bender series. It’s been just as much fun as the first. Both The Hubster and I enjoyed Crashed quite a bit and I’m glad that the second in this series has been fun.

I finished Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I need to start On the Banks of Plum Creek for the Little House Readalong. That might be my treadmill book this week.

On audio I finished Year Zero by Rob Reid narrated by John Hodgman. I didn't enjoy that one quite as much as some of my friends. The first half was good but the second half dragged a bit.

We’re took a road trip to southern Oregon a couple of weeks ago and The Hubster and I listened to the first part of Double Whammy by Carl Hiassen (narrated by George Wilson). His books are such craziness but fun and truly entertaining in audio format. I’m still listening to it and enjoying the heck out of it. I should be able to finish that up this week. I’m not sure what I’ll listen to next. so we’ll be listening to a new audiobook together. I’ve got several loaded on the ipod and I’ll let The Hubster make the choice of which we listen to.

I've got a couple of graphic novels out from the library that I need to get to before they’re due so I’m hoping that after I finish Little Elvises I can turn to those for a couple of days.

Other than books and reading:

We saw a couple of great performances at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. My Fair Lady was just delightful. This year’s production of King Lear is good enough to wipe out the bad memories of a not so good production from several years ago.

We had another race last weekend. The Hubster won his age group in the 5 miler and I got second in my age group in the 5k. The important part was that Hopworks Brewing was one of the sponsors so there was good beer at the finish line.

Hopworks Brewing at the Tigard Earth Day Run
Hopworks Brewing at the Tigard Earth Day Run
We've been having a run of fabulous weather and I've been enjoying being able to ignore our treadmill and get my walking done outside
spring blossoms and sunset

My neighbor’s pink dogwood tree is ridiculously pretty right now.
pink dogwood

Working from home is sometimes complicated when Abby wants attention
Abby needs attention

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Belle Wong 4/28/2013 10:34 AM  

Congrats on your race results! I've never listened to a Carl Hiassen audiobook - I've got some extra credits stashed away at Audible and need to use them up, so I'll definitely take a look at his stuff.

SuziQoregon 5/07/2013 8:57 PM  

Belle Wong: Thanks - I really prefer walking but the occasional mix of running and walking is fun. Hope you enjoy the Hiaaesn - it's very different.

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