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Weekend Update May 5, 2013

>> Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update

Since my last update:

I finished reading Little Elvises. I enjoyed this second book in the Junior Bender series just as much as the first. The Hubster read the first one (Crashed) and liked it so I’m looking forward to hearing what he thinks of this one when he reads it.

I started Fever by Mary Beth Keane. It’s a fictionalized biography of the woman known as Typhoid Mary. It takes place I the early 1900’s in New York. I’ve enjoyed many of the historical fiction and mystery books I’ve read set in that time period in New York.

I started On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I This was actually the April book for the Little House Readalong so I’m behind schedule on that. I need to finish Plum Creek and get started with By the Shores of Silver Lake..

On audio I finished Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen (narrated by George Wilson). We had started this on a road trip. It was exactly the kind of craziness I expected from a Carl Hiaasen book and a fun road trip book to listen to with The Hubster. It was longer than our trip so we've both been finishing it on our own.

My new audiobook is He Shall Thunder in the Sky by Elizabeth Peters. It’s the next one up for me in the Amelia Peabody series. Amelia and her family are archaeologists in Egypt and the series begins in the late 1800’s. This book takes place during World War I. I've finally caught up to the same point in the series as Beth Fish Reads and she and I are listening to this one at the same time so we can chat about it,

As for graphic novels I read the third book in the Y: The Last Man series by Brian K. Vaughan. It’s about the world after a sudden plague has killed off all the male mammals. One young man and his pet monkey appear to be the only surviving males on the planet. It’s been a bit of a hit or miss series but I’m curious to find out how it plays out so I already have the next one out from the library.

Other than books and reading:

We have been enjoying some wonderful weather lately. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been reading my treadmill books (The Little House books) that much. I've been outside on our neighborhood walking trails.

Walking path

Spring has definitely sprung around here. Everything seems to be in bloom.

Tulips in the morning sun

We also stopped in at the zoo last Sunday for a little while (taking advantage of our year long membership).

These birds in one of the aviaries are the only ones I couldn't find identified on the zoo website. Does anyone know what kind of birds these are?
Birds at the Oregon Zoo

We made it to the river otter exhibit right at feeding time and got to see the whole family including little baby Mo

River Otters at the Oregon Zoo

In the black bear exhibit one of the bears was doing some serious people watching from the top of a broken tree.

Black Bear at the Oregon Zoo

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Trish 5/05/2013 12:32 PM  

I've been trying to get to the zoo since I know that in a few weeks it'll be too hot but it was actually too cold this weekend (we're wimps when it's cloudy and 57...). Love the bear sitting on the stump!!

Are you enjoying the Little House books? I didn't get a chance to read the second one and I wasn't able to renew it from the library (and darned if I can remember to check Half Price Books) but I just didn't love Little House Big Woods so I'm not certain if I'll continue...

Bookfool 5/05/2013 4:40 PM  

Oh, I haven't even thought about going to the zoo! Our weather has been perfect - nice and cool. Those are terrific pictures!!!

I'm not reading much, this week. Sounds like you're on a roll.

Beth F 5/06/2013 4:30 AM  

Can't wait to get listening to He Shall Thunder in the Sky -- will be starting tonight after work

Andie,  5/06/2013 9:41 AM  

Hey - it's a brave new world and I'm trying to leave a comment. First time! I love that you're reading the Little House books. My favorite was The Long Winter - looking forward to your comments about that. I'll have to pick up the Carl Hiaassen book - he's a favorite.

SuziQoregon 5/07/2013 9:08 PM  

Trish - Hope you make it to the zoo before it gets too warm.

As for the Little House Books - I'm finding it a mix of reliving the things I loved about them as a kid and seeing many from today's perspective that would make for huge opportunities for discussion with kids reading them now.

Bookfool: We have a baby elephant at our zoo and being able to pop in and see her is the main reaosn we bought a year long membership this year.

Beth F: This is going to be fun to chat while we're listening to the same book.

Andie: Yay - you totally rock at commenting ;-) As I said to Trish - I'm really seeing the Little House books from two perspectives as I re-read them. Happy memories and Oh so many painful things to read from today's perspective.

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