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Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft

>> Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft

Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense
Series: #1 in the Fina Ludlow series
Publisher: Putnam
Publication Date: 2013
Pages: 405
Source: copy provided by the publisher

The Short Version:
Boston PI Fina Ludlow takes on the case of her missing sister-in-law and her dysfunctional family all at the same time.

Why I Read It:
The person who first told me about this book is one I’ve come to trust and when she’s as enthusiastic about a book as she was about this one I pay attention. I’m glad I did.

The Book:
From the publisher:

The Ludlows are a hard-charging family, and patriarch Carl Ludlow treats his offspring like employees—which they are. But his daughter, Fina, is a bit of a black sheep. A law school dropout, her father keeps her in the fold as the firm’s private investigator, working alongside her brothers.

Juggling her family of high-powered (and highly dysfunctional) attorneys, the cops and Boston’s criminal element is usually something Fina does without breaking a sweat. But when her sister-in-law disappears, she’s caught up in a case unlike any she’s encountered before.

Carl wants things resolved without police interference, but the deeper Fina digs, the more impossible that seems. The Ludlows close ranks, and her brother Rand and his unruly teenage daughter Haley grow mysteriously distant from the family. As Fina unearths more dirt, the demands of family loyalty intensify. But Fina is after the truth—no matter the cost.
My Thoughts:
Before I even started reading this book I was impressed with the author. In order to write a believable story about a PI she completed the certificate in private investigation program at the University of Washington. It paid off. This was an impressive debut and Thoft is an author I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Fina is a great character. Her role as an independent investigator makes her not wholly part of her family’s law firm even though the majority of her work is related to their business. In this case she ends up caught between the demands of her father to protect the family and her desire to do what’s right. It’s a great mix of both the story of the investigation and the story of Fina’s relationship with her family.

Fina is tough, smart, sassy and likable. She has to make some incredibly difficult choices as she follows through with the case of her sister-in-law.

The book has several storylines that gradually intertwine and it was suspenseful, sad and amusing all at the same time. Fina’s wit adds the fun to a story that is tense and at times tragic. Her rather nomadic lifestyle within the city of Boston made me like her even more. The supporting characters are great and I’m looking forward to seeing more of some of them as this planned series continues.

Do yourself a favor and get to know Fina Ludlow. You’ll be joining me in eagerly anticipating Ingrid Thoft’s next book.

4 stars Rating 4/5


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