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Weekend Update September 1, 2013

>> Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Update

Since my last update:
I finished reading Little Town on the Prairie and enjoyed my re-read as much as I have with the others in this series. It’s a bit of reliving how much I enjoyed them as a kid and viewing from a very different time and place both for myself and the world in general.

I started the latest in Marcia Clark’s (yes THAT Marcia Clark) Rachel Knight series. It’s called Killer Ambition and features a DA in Los Angeles who specializes in working with high profile cases. This one involves the kidnapping of the daughter of a well known Hollywood director.

On audio I’m listening to Lord of the Silent by Elizabeth Peters and narrated by Barbara Rosenblat. It’s another fun entry in the series featuring Victorian era Egyptologist Amelia Peabody. She continues to crack me up which can make other drivers stare at me at stoplights when I’m in the car by myself.

I have had occasion in the past to remark on the all-round usefulness of a good stout parasol; it proved its usefulness once again, for, failing to capture the attention of a waiter, I hooked one of them by the arm and ordered a whiskey and soda.
Some days I could use a parasol.

I tried to follow up my Bout of Books reading week with a review writing week. I haven’t caught up on all of them but I made progress.

Other than books and reading:
We managed to get out to another game of our local minor league baseball team. Once again the rain also made an appearance but the Hops played well. The weather also made for a great sunset
Sunset from Hillsboro Ballpark
Sunset from Hillsboro Ballpark

Yesterday we officially ushered in the College Football season with the Oregon Ducks. We had a great time tailgating with friends and cheering the team on with the folks in our section of the stadium.

I experimented with a new recipe for my sourdough starter. I’ve kept this starter active for around 17 years now and I just don’t use my bread machine or make rolls as often as I used to. I went looking for something I could use without a lot of time or equipment that could be a way to regularly use my starter.
sourdough biscuits
I found a sourdough biscuit recipe that could be just perfect. The initial experiment was a success and I’m going to try another batch tomorrow. I might do a more complete Weekend Cooking post one of these days about them but for now – just pass the butter and honey.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Les 9/01/2013 1:19 PM  

Looks like the Ducks had a great game. We didn't watch the Husker game, but it was quite a nail-biter from what I read in this morning's paper.

BTW, those biscuits look amazing!!

Beth F 9/02/2013 4:45 AM  

I need to get to the library this week and pick up the rest of the Peabody/Emerson books.

Beth F 9/02/2013 4:45 AM  

I need to get to the library this week and pick up the rest of the Peabody/Emerson books.

Belle Wong 9/02/2013 11:03 AM  

Elizabeth Peters is one of my favourite authors - it's so sad that she's no longer with us. I like the Amelia Peabody series, but her Jacqueline Kirby contemporary mysteries are my absolute favourites.

SuziQoregon 10/15/2013 8:52 PM  

Les: yeah it was a fun start to the season. Looks like we'll see an Oregon-Nebraska game in a few years ;-)

BethFishReads: I rarely binge read or listen but I'm thinking of doing that to finish out the Amelia series.

Belle; yes it's sad - Amelia is such a fun series. When i finish it I'm going to listen to her Vicky Bliss series.

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