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Weekend Update October 26, 2013

>> Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Update

Since my last update:
I’m still struggling with squeezing reading time in my life these days. That tends to happen during football season. I love college football but it does take up a big chunk of our weekends this time of year and that means all the stuff that normally happens on Saturday has to be plugged in to the rest of the week. Anyway – that’s normal and seasonal and my reading routine will be back eventually.

In the meantime I’m still reading the same things I was reading last week.

I am loving The Tilted World by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly. It’s a wonderful atmospheric story with the 1927 Great Flood of the Mississippi River as the backdrop. There are bootleggers, revenue agents, an orphaned baby and stolen explosives meant to breach the levee in order to save those downstream. Every time I have to put my bookmark back in to set it down I’m a little sad. I want to find out what’s next for these characters and I’m getting rather annoyed with my life outside of books interfering with that.

As soon as I do finish The Tilted World I’m going to finish out October with more of my Graphic Novel Reading Binge. I’ve got several out from the library and I’m looking forward to reading them.

On audio I’m a little over halfway through The Golden One by Elizabeth Peters. As usual for this series it’s a nice mix of adventure, fun and moments that make me giggle. Barbara Rosenblat really shines as the narrator of this series.

I took a big step with my TBR spreadsheets this week (yes I said spreadsheets). I have an Excel Workbook I use to track my To Be Read lists. One worksheet in that has for years been what I called my “Read Soon” list. The problem was that I’d put books on that worksheet and never take them off. Since my reading plans rarely have any resemblance to my actual reading speed and available time there were books that had been on that worksheet for years and that list was growing and never getting any smaller. The big step I took was to delete that worksheet. All of the books are still on my master TBR list but that list of ever unachieved goals I called my Read Soon list is gone. It’ll be back but I’m going to rethink it and put a limit on it so it’s not so stress inducing or a reminder of what I haven’t read but wanted to. Perhaps 10-20 books and keep it capped and only add one when I read or remove another from that list. That will give me enough to have a variety of possible next books but without a constant reminder of that book I wanted to read 3 years ago that I still haven’t read. I’ll see but mostly I have as much fun making sorting and reorganizing lists of books I want to read as I do actually reading books.

Other than books and reading:
Our good weather continued and it was nice to get out after work a few times to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. I hate the fall time change because it means that soon I’ll be leaving for work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. I do get to see the occasional spectacular sunrise over Mt. Hood from my office downtown but really that’s not enough of a bonus to make up for the short winter days.

trees near Beaverton library

In the meantime the trees have been gorgeous this fall (mostly because we haven’t had the usual fall rain and windstorms to blow them all off the trees.
Trees by Beaverton Library

I saw this on the porch of my nail salon and just loved the way the sunshine was hitting it.

pumpkins and leaves

The lighting during my late afternoon walks this week has been wonderful.

sunlit fern

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Les 10/27/2013 9:19 AM  

Wowzers! Those sugar maples are amazing!! We have a few in our neighborhood that are bursting with color, too. I do so love fall.

Like you, I'm not getting much reading time in. We've been curling up on the couch in the evenings, watching a lot of shows from Netflix. Right now, we're working our way through Dexter. Maybe I'll get some reading time in today, though. Or blogging. :)

SuziQoregon 12/09/2013 9:17 PM  

Les: aren't they fabulous. We lucked out with a rather dry fall this year so the leaves had a chance to get really pretty without being blown off by a storm.

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