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Weekend Update November 3, 2013

>> Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Update

Since my last update:
I had a good reading week this week. I finished The Tilted World by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly. I loved it. After that I decided to finish out my re-read of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I read both These Happy Golden Years and The First Four Years. It’s been an interesting mix of nostalgia and viewing the books from an entirely different perspective but I’m glad I completed the re-read.

I started The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes the other day. I’d joined the Sherlock Holmes Reading Challenge a while ago and only committed to reading this one book before the end of the year and decided that it would be pretty embarrassing to fail at a challenge in which I only said I’d read one book. Actually it wasn't a matter of not wanting to read it but more a matter of being distracted by other books. I've already read and enjoyed the first two Sherlock Holmes books and wanted to read this so I’m glad the challenge gave me a reason to stop setting it aside and finally read it. I do plan on continuing and reading all the Holmes books. I’m hoping that getting back into his world with The Adventures will get me back on track with that. Also having the Little House re-read complete gives me room for another ‘series project’ in my reading plans.

I also managed to finish out October with more of my Graphic Novel Reading Binge. I read the seventh book in the Fables series, Arabian Nights (and Days). I've already picked up the next book in this series from the library. It’s just so good. My Graphic Novel Reading Binge wasn't as successful as I’d hoped because my reading in general got somewhat derailed in the middle of the month. I did read 5 graphic novels in October but I've still got a decent pile of them out from the library so they’ll continue to be a good portion of my reading menu for a while.

On audio I’m still listening to The Golden One by Elizabeth Peters. As usual for this series it’s a nice mix of adventure, fun and moments that make me giggle. Barbara Rosenblat's narration of this series is just excellent.

Other than books and reading:
We had a weekend off from football commitments (Oregon plays Thursday night) so I’m having a get things done at home and cooking weekend. Yesterday I made a batch of applesauce and a batch of cookie dough (Specudoodles). Today I’ll bake the cookies and for dinner I’m making the Pioneer Woman’s Sunday Night Stew. I made this stew (The Hubster is in charge of the mashed potatoes) last winter and we loved it. It’s good comfort food weather here lately so I’m looking forward to having this for dinner (and the leftovers for later this week).

Browsing my phone photos from this week:

I had fun playing with the Tiny Planets App and turned this photo I took last Sunday afternoon into a tiny planet. It serves absolutely no purpose other than I think it looks cool.

Rural Washington County Oregon

Rural Washington County Oregon as a planet

Sunset last Sunday was rather spectacular

And I can’t leave without some Abby Antics:

She put herself in charge of making sure my file folder didn't jump off the desk the other day when I was working. She’s so helpful.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Charlie (The Worm Hole) 11/04/2013 3:15 AM  

Love the planet effect, and it's great that it works perfectly, too. So many filters and the like end up missing parts. I've bookmarked the stew for possible cooking myself, it looks lovely!

I sometimes wonder if it's the thought that if we opt for one book we'll manage it, that leads to it being left. Because there's so much less pressure in general.

SuziQoregon 12/09/2013 9:19 PM  

Charlie: Thanks! I thought that turned out pretty cool.

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