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Y: The Last Man Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons by Brian K. Vaughan

>> Friday, February 21, 2014

Y: The Last Man Vol 8: Kimono Dragons by Brian K. Vaughan with art by Pia Guerra

Y: The Last Man Vol 8: Kimono Dragons by Brian K. Vaughan with art by Pia Guerra

Genre: Science Fiction (Graphic Novel)
Series: #8 in the Y: The Last Man series
Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 144
Source: Library

The Short Version:
Four years after a plague killed all the male mammals the lone surviving Man is still trying to find out what happened and why he’s still alive.

Why I Read It:
I’m enjoying this series and have to continue to find out what happens. Besides, I think I just like every thing Brian K Vaughan ever wrote.

The Book:
This volume 8 is a compilation of issues 43-48 of the comic series.

From the back of the book:


Nearly four years after a global plague killed every male mammal on Earth, the two exceptions - Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand - now find themselves in Japan. Following Ampersand's abduction by a sword-wielding mercenary, Yorick and his companions (government operative 355 and biochemist Dr. Allison Mann) have tracked him to the Land of the Rising Sun, w the culture has adapted to the loss of its men in some uniquely Japanese ways. To retrieve his pet - whose body may hold the key to humanity's survival - Yorick and 355 must travel to Tokyo and navigate a tricky maze of Yakuza remnants, little-girl gangsters and pop star entitlement gone mad.

At the same time, Dr. Mann and her new girlfriend head to her mother's home for a chilly family reunion. Their reaception is even more hostile than expected, but it also results in a startling revelation - one which could point the way towards solving the final, overriding mystery of what - or who -caused the Gendercide.

My Thoughts:
With two volumes to go until the end this series is both winding down and getting more and more complex at the same time. This one has plenty of action and also fills in the background stories of a couple of characters.

With Yorick and his companions now in Japan it’s time for them to split up. Yorick and Agent 355 have quite an adventure hunting down Ampersand and the action really picks up along the way. Meanwhile Dr. Mann and her girlfriend find Dr. Mann’s mother and as secrets are revealed they bring up almost as many questions as answers.

With a couple of side trips to check in on things back in the States (with their own surprising developments) the stage is set for what I hope will be an interesting finish.

The final two sections of this one are devoted to the back stories of Dr. Mann and the Israeli commando who’s been after Yorick ever since the first volume of the series. It was good to get more background on both of them.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5


Kailana 2/22/2014 9:19 AM  

I haven't finished this series yet. I was thinking of reading all of them this month, but haven't worked that into the reading. Some will be a reread and then some will be to finish.

SuziQoregon 3/09/2014 8:35 PM  

Kailana: I'm down to to left. I'm probably going to read them back to back. I'm kind of on a GN binge right now.

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