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Weekend Update - The Readathons and Review Formats Edition

>> Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend Update

I know that a lot of my blogger friends are participating in "Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon" today.

I've never participated in this readathon because weekends are usually too booked up with other things but I hope everyone who is participating or cheerleading is having a great time.

The Readathon that works for me is the Bout of Books which is a weeklong low key focus on reading.

Bout of Books

The next one is coming up in May but I'll be talking more about that next week.

Nutshell Reviews:
I started this blog way back in 2006 as an online reading journal for myself. Over the years it's been adapted to be more than that but the primary purpose is to document my reading and the books I read. I am still committed to the concept of this blog as my reading journal and posting about everything I read. That said, not every book merits a full review. Some are shorter (such as many of the graphic novels I read) and with others I just don't have that much to say.

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I'm going to start using a "Nutshell Review" format for some of these. You will start seeing posts labeled "Nutshell Review". This doesn't mean the book wasn't good. Some of them are fantastic! These might be books, graphic novels, short stories, novellas, and digital short works that I read and want to document here but they just don't necessarily merit a full post.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Les 4/26/2014 7:50 PM  

I've participated a couple of times, but weekends are tough for me. I'm lucky if I get 20 minutes of reading time in!

I like your idea for shorter "reviews." I have gone back through my blog for various reasons and am constantly surprised at the length and depth of my earlier reviews. Probably before I started working 40+ hours on my feet. :) Now, I tend to depend on quoted passages and a brief recommendation. But, like you, it's kind of like my online reading journal, so I'm not out to impress anyone.

SuziQoregon 5/01/2014 9:28 PM  

Les: Yeah the weekend readathons just don't work well for me. Glad you like the shorter review idea and understand that this is still my book journal first.

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