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Weekend Update – The What’s on our DVR, DVD Player and Netflix Queue Edition

>> Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Update

A few TV shows we've been watching are winding down. This gives us room to start watching some new to us shows as well as catch up on a few we are a few seasons behind the current episodes.

The endings

How I Met Your Mother
We hadn't even watched this show until a couple of years ago so we watched all 9 seasons over a fairly short time frame. The season finale this week certainly generated some strong reactions. I have mixed feelings. Ending it with a twist wasn't quite on the level of the Pam’s Dream season of Dallas but it did fall a little flat for me. The show had it’s ups and downs over the years but it was mostly fun.

This show has been fun and I’m going to miss it. We’re down to the final three episodes on our DVR.

I have been a fan of Timothy Olyphant since Deadwood and Justified has been just an excellent show. It’s true to the spirit of Elmore Leonard and the stories that inspired it. The fifth season is nearly done and next season will be the last. If you haven’t watched this show I highly recommend you find season one and start from the beginning.

The catching up

Mad Men
This is a show we have always been a few years behind in watching. We started by getting the DVD box sets and now we’re watching on Netflix. We've just started season five and the first part of the split season 7 is about to start. I plan to record the new shows while we work on catching up via Netflix. As we did with How I Met Your Mother our plan is to catch up and watch the final episodes when they first air.

The new

The Americans
We were able to record the rebroadcast of the first season of this show in the weeks before the current season started at the end of February. I’m so glad we did it’s excellent. I’m kind of loving Keri Russel as a total badass. What’s interesting about this show is that I find myself rooting for the Russian spies as often as I find myself rooting for the Americans.

The Big Bang Theory
This is a show we never watched but heard from a lot of people that it was funny. I think we never started watching it because it began when we were just watching too many shows and couldn't fit any others into our available TV viewing time. We got the first season from the library and started watching this week. Maybe it’s because I’m married to a scientist but this show is a crackup.

The next on the Netflix Queue

House of Cards
I really want to watch this one but I think we might watch the earlier British version first.

Another one we just haven’t had time for but want to start watching

So what are you watching these days?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!!


Les 4/06/2014 8:43 AM  

We love Justified! After watching it for the past couple of years, I'm eager to go back now and re-watch Deadwood. I have a serious crush on TO!

House of Cards is excellent. I've only watched the first season and am anxious to start in on the second. Great cast.

Rod watched Sherlock while he was home recovering from back surgery, but when I decided to give it a try, he watched the whole season all over again. It's very good!

I've got The Americans in our Netflix queue. Good to know it's a worthwhile series.

We watched Mad Men for several seasons, but I began to get tired of Don's behavior and finally called it quits. I might go back to it when I run out of other shows to watch. I've gotten hooked on Fringe and I'm waiting for the next release of Dexter. I'd also like to try The Good Wife.

The Surly Bookseller 4/06/2014 1:38 PM  
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The Surly Bookseller 4/06/2014 1:40 PM  

Justified, Sons of Anarchy, both fabulous.

Watched a couple episodes of Mr. Selfridge, but "meh."

Other than that, we subsist on a diet of crappy reality TV, because between us we have the attention span of a half-drunk gnat.

Beth F 4/07/2014 5:16 AM  

We love Justified (and yes, Deadwood!!) but got sidetracked watching Friday Night Lights. We need to get caught up with Mad Men and haven't started season 2 of House of Cards yet either. Sherlock is on the list, but we haven't started it yet.

Game of Thrones is back!!

Trish 4/07/2014 1:34 PM  

Hmmmm, Justified looks like an interesting one! We are on Season 4 of Lost (that reminds me I need to watch the episode I fell asleep during last night!) and we're both loving it. I'm voting Friday Night Lights next but Scott wants Walking Dead. I tend to prefer shows that are already over so that we don't have to wait. Except Law and Order SVU--that's good ANYTIME. ;)

SuziQoregon 4/10/2014 9:35 PM  

Les: Oh The Good Wife! Yes that's another one that we haven't watched yet that I've heard is good. Definitely an option for a future binge watch.

Surly: I've wondered about Mr. Selfridge - sounds like it's a pass. When does Longmire start up again?

BethF: I'm so glad you're watching and liking FNL. That's a show I'd like to watch all over again from the beginning. "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."

Trish: Yes! when you get done with Lost you should watch Justified. We'll probably re-watch Lost one of these days. We used to watch Law & Order SVU but it was just too creepy for me. Regular Law and Order I like though. But we always joke about the fact that the music puts The Hubster to sleep. We say that I watch "Law and Order" but he just watches "Law".

Trish 4/11/2014 2:33 AM  

Ha!! I get it--I've fallen asleep to my fair share of Order as well. ;)0

lemonhead1 4/18/2014 11:21 AM  

There was a British version of House of Cards? Wow. Didn't know that. I am guessing it was the original show to start with? We're immersed in House of Cards (US version) right now and love it. It'd be interesting to compare the two versions at some point.

lemonhead1 4/18/2014 11:21 AM  

And The Americans rocks!!!

SuziQoregon 4/24/2014 9:14 PM  

Trish: I'm glad someone understood that ;-)

Lemonhead: Yep - it's on Netflix. and yes - The Americans is SO GOOD!

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