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June Photo a Day Challenges

>> Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenges

I tried something different for Photo a Day last month and I liked it so much it’s going to become my routine. Today I posted photo number 807 to Shuttercal.

I have been doing this daily photo thing for over two years and I still enjoy having a reason to look for beauty in the everyday and to look at the things I see on a routine basis in new ways. I don’t want to stop doing that but I have realized that sticking to just one of the many lists of Photo a Day prompts that can be found on Instagram is just not for me. After this long some of the prompts just don’t interest me any more. I have no interest in any prompt that is a form of selfie or a photo of a meal. Sometimes I just don’t want to do a prompt I’ve done many times.

Last month I saved a bunch of the Photo a Day Prompt lists in an album on my phone and every day I picked a prompt that interested me. I only did more than one prompt a couple of times. I liked having a choice and being able to skip the prompts that didn’t interest me of that were not practical due to location or weather. I was also able to see photos from some new to me folks in the different Instagram communities

Here are just a few examples of what's out there for May:
(click on the images to see larger versions)

There are a couple with weekly prompts which could be fun:

I have saved a bunch of different May prompt lists to a separate album on my phone. My plan is to pick one prompt each day from all of those lists. This means I can skip the prompts that don't interest me and I can also get to visit different photo sharing communities throughout the month.

I have found that I really enjoy picking one from a bunch of prompts each day for a photo.

Here are my favorites from my May Photo a Day adventures:

May 11th - mother
May 17th - delicate
3 things
May 18th - 3 things
next to
May 23rd - black & white
May 26th - pet
May 29th - face

I hope you'll consider joining me for taking and sharing daily photos.


Beth F 6/05/2014 4:41 AM  

I'm going without any prompts this month ... at least that's how I'm starting out.

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