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Nutshell Review: Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity by Jeff Lemire

>> Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity by Jeff Lemire

Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity by Jeff Lemire

Genre: Science Fiction, Grapic Novel
Series: #2 in the Sweet Tooth series
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: 2010
Pages: 144
Source: Library

The Book:
This volume 2 is a compilation of issues 6-11 of the comic series.

From the publisher:
'When they come and get you... you don't never come back.' There are no good people left in the world. Gus is learning that the hard way. Gus thought the man called Jepperd was his protector, his friend. But then Jepperd brought him to a terrible place where half-animal hybrid children like Gus are kept in cages. A place where hard men conduct lethal experiments in a vain attempt to unravel the secret of the plague that has ravaged the world. These men sense that Gus is special. And they'll get to the bottom of what makes him that way... by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Jepperd himself is a free man, who can roam the wastelands at will. But he can never forget the life he left behind. Now he's spiraling, heading down a self-destructive path... and the tragedy he's worked so hard to bury, the tragedy that mad him what he is, waits for him at the bottom.

My Thoughts:
This second volume of this intriguing series was even more fascinating than the first.

Gus is shocked to learn that Jepperd has left him in a horrible place and his trusting nature is challenged as he learns more about what this place is. In the meantime Jepperd’s story is told primarily in flashbacks which show that he hasn't always been the mercenary he is now.

After setting up the initial scenario in the first volume this one does a great job of developing more of both the present day story and filling in some background.

It’s a gritty story with moments of tenderheartedness. The artwork is dark and a bit rough but that perfectly suits the story.

I can’t wait to dive into volume three to see where this story goes next.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5


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