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Weekend Update – The Vacation at the Coast Edition

>> Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Update

Same thing every year. I pack for our week at the coast and take way more books than I can possibly read because after all what if I’m not in the right mood for ANY of the books I have with me. This irrational fear is somewhat mitigated by my eReader but only partially because I really hate reading books on my eReader or tablet back to back. I prefer to mix the paper in with the electronic.

Then we get over to the coast and I look out the window of the rental house and see this.

Yachats waves

Then I pick up a book and stare out the window, read a few pages, stare out the window some more and then end up reading way less than I plan to but I don’t even care because . . . this!
Yachats Sunset

We had a great week. The weather was pretty spectacular for the Oregon coast. We only had one day that was partially damp and even that day turned out to be pretty in the afternoon.
Valley Trail at Carl G. Washburne State Park

We went for a hike one day and while it was sunny on the trail through the woods when we got to the beach it was foggy. That was kind of weird. We were walking up the beach and couldn't see either the cliff to our right or the ocean to our left. It was rather disorienting
foggy beach

It felt like we were walking through some mystery movie scene. Then all of a sudden in cleared up ahead of us.
clearing up on the beach

It was baby seagull season with lots of young birds on the roofs of the houses in the village. There was no nest on the house next door this year but we did get to see a few a couple of houses over.,
Seagull and baby

We watched some whales spouting offshore. They were there for a couple of days but we didn't seen any for the rest of the week.

Oh what did I actually read? I finished Identity by Ingrid Thoft. It was just as good as Loyalty (the first book in the Fina Ludlow series) and the author said on Twitter that number three is with the publisher and she’s working on number four.

I read a couple of comic collections. Sweet Tooth Volume 5: Unnatural Habitats by Jeff Lemire added even more answers and questions to the ongoing story. I’m both looking forward to reading the final volume in the series and sad that I’ll be finishing it. Mostly I’m very curious about how it’ll all wind up. Then I read Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince by Bill Willingham, I loved this one because there is a lot of stuff going on and one of my very favorite characters is featured.

I also read another of the stories in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. I like interspersing these stories in between books or as a break from a longer book.

Finally I started the third book in Timothy Hallinan's Junior Bender series, The Fame Thief. Junior is a burglar who also works as an investigator (often not necessarily by his own choice) for folks on the wrong side of the law themselves. This time the story has links to the old Hollywood in the 1950’s. So far it’s fun and interesting.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Jenn's Bookshelves 7/27/2014 10:58 AM  

What gorgeous pictures! That's my kind of get away! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. With that setting, I understand why you wouldn't want to stop admiring it!

The Surly Bookseller 7/28/2014 3:06 PM  

Wonderful shots! I'm relaxing just looking at them.

Les 8/02/2014 6:49 PM  

I swear, there is something about Oregon that makes me feel like I could give up reading and not miss it one bit. The views are always so delightful that I can hardly read more than a page or two before I'm distracted. Those two photos with the waves crashing are gorgeous, especially the one with the sunset! And the fog. Isn't it the strangest sensation? Even worse to be driving in it, though.

I have to say I did a double-take when I saw the photo of your walk in the woods. It looks JUST LIKE my mom's back yard! :)

Counting the days until I return to Depoe Bay. We fly out there on Christmas Day!!

SuziQoregon 9/10/2014 9:05 PM  

Jenn: thanks - I look forward to our week here for months in advance.

Surly: good - that was the goal!

Les: There are times that's true. Glad you're getting out her for a visit again.

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