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Weekend Update – The Reading Bingo Mid-Year Update Edition

>> Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Update

Earlier this year I joined up with a group of folks on Library thing and said I would participate in this Reading Bingo Game for 2014. Then I never updated my list or bingo cards at all.

Mid-year seems like a good time to check in on my progress to see what things look like. These cards were initially put together by the folks at Retreat by Random House and one is listed for YA books but I’m choosing to ignore that distinction and just use both bingo cards for any and all books.

I never intended to seek out books for specific spaces on the cards. All along my plan was to see what I ended up with naturally as I read my way through the year.

As of today here’s where things stand.

For the Regular Bingo:
More than 500 pages: Outlander
Forgotten Classic:
Book that became a movie: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Published this year: While Beauty Slept
Number in the title: 1001 Nights of Snowfall
Written by someone under 30:
Book with non-human characters: Pride of Baghdad
Funny Book:
Female Author: The Tomb of the Golden Bird
Book with a mystery: A Circle of Wives
One-Word Title: Fangirl
Book of short stories:
Set on a different continent: The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon
First book by a favourite author:
Heard about online: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Best-selling book:
Based on a true story: Empress of the Night
Book at the bottom of TBR pile:
Book my friend loves:
Book that scares me:
More than 10 years old: Persuader
Second book in a series:
Blue cover: All the Light We Cannot See

2014 Reading Bingo

For the (Not necessarily) YA Bingo:
Book with female heroine: Cocaine Blues
Book set in a high school:
Last of a trilogy:
Book with 'color' in the title:
First book in series: Just One Damned Thing After Another
Book set in the future: Shovel Ready
Book with a break-up:
Book without a love triangle:
Book that became a movie: How to Train Your Dragon
Book set in Paris:
Book set in the past: The Black Country
Book with magic:
Book set in summer:
Book with a dragon: How to Be A Pirate
Book that made you cry:
Graphic novel: Sweet Tooth Vol. 1: Out of the Deep Woods
Book based on a myth: Sea of Monsters
Classic YA:
Book with a Lion, Witch or Wardrobe:
Book with an incredible fight scene:
Book heard about online: Sous Chef
Book set in another world: No Place Like Oz
Book with epic love story:
Book with music:

2014 (not really) YA Reading Bingo

I have books I read that could possibly fit some of those still empty spaces but I’ve also got other books in my reading plans that would fit them better so I’m waiting to fill them in.

I managed to score one Bingo so far and it looks like I’m close to several more. I may have to abandon my plan to not choose books for a specific space it if looks like a particular book might fill in a crucial space for me on my game cards. I’m looking at you “Book of Short Stories”

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Nutshell Review: Jack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges

>> Friday, June 27, 2014

Photo Credit

Jack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts by Bill Willingham and Matthew SturgesJack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges

Genre: Fantasy, Graphic Novel
Series: #2 in the Jack of Fables series
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 143
Source: Library

The Book:
This volume 2 is a compilation of issues 6-11 of the comic series.

From the publisher:
After successfully escaping from an inescapable prison, is there a better place to head for than the city that fickle fortune built? Not if you're Jack of Fables! Overflowing with his legendary self-regard, Jack is about to discover the key to winning back his lost riches and triumphantly returning to the top of the heap. All it will take is a little planning and some help from Lady Luck.
Unfortunately, Lady Luck turns out to be a bit more substantial than her reputation would suggest, as well as a whole lot crazier. Jack's going to have his hands full just keeping his head on straight in Sin City - something that his former jailers intend to take full advantage of.
My Thoughts:
This second volume of this series had me remembering why I don’t like the character of Jack. I’ll continue with this spin-off series because I can alternate it with books from the main Fables series and I know that the stories do converge back together eventually.

In the meantime there are parts of the Jack story that are fun and interesting, but the problem is that Jack isn't one of them. He’s insufferable and a jerk. I do enjoy when his grand plans get thwarted but he always seems to pick himself up and remind himself how great he thinks he is and move on to another adventure as he tries to rebuild his fortune and power.

I did enjoy learning about how he became Jack Frost for a while.

I’m going to be very disappointed if Jack doesn't either get what’s coming to him or has a Grinch like change of heart somewhere along the way. In the meantime. I’m glad that next up for me is the next in the main Fables series.

2.5 stars Rating 2.5/5


Wordless Wednesday #244

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lake Tahoe Evening

Lake Tahoe Evening
click on image for larger version

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

>> Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Publication Date: 2013
Pages: 438
Source: Library

The Short Version:
College freshman Cath Avery faces big changes in her life.

Why I Read It:
I thoroughly enjoyed Rowell’s book Eleanor & Park and have heard good things about this one so I decided to give it a try.

The Book:
From the publisher:

Cath is a Simon Snow fan. Okay, the whole world is a Simon Snow fan, but for Cath, being a fan is her life—and she’s really good at it. She and her twin sister, Wren, ensconced themselves in the Simon Snow series when they were just kids; it’s what got them through their mother leaving. . . .

Cath’s sister has mostly grown away from fandom, but Cath can’t let go. She doesn’t want to.

Now that they’re going to college, Wren has told Cath she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath is on her own, completely outside of her comfort zone. . . . And she can’t stop worrying about her dad, who’s loving and fragile and has never really been alone.

For Cath, the question is: Can she do this? Can she make it without Wren holding her hand? Is she ready to start living her own life? And does she even want to move on if it means leaving Simon Snow behind?

My Thoughts:
I liked this book a lot. I'll admit that I liked Eleanor & Park a bit more but this one was good too. I'm far removed from the generation of present day college kids but I could still relate to a lot of the issues of being that age and totally out of your comfort zone and having to go it on your own without your familiar anchors. As with Eleanor & Park, Rowell manages to take characters who are intelligent but outsiders and make them relatable to me.

Cath's primary anchors have been her twin sister and their involvement with the online world of Simon Snow fan fiction writers and readers. Simon Snow is a bit like Harry Potter and a mix of magic and vampire story. Suddenly she's without Wren and she has no one with whom she feels comfortable. She's wary of telling anyone about her fanfic and even though it's a major source of comfort and validation for her (she has a huge following) she feels like she needs to hide that part of herself. Her roommate Reagan prods Cath with a bit of tough love and the first love story plays out with both warmth and humor.

I liked Cath and in many ways could empathize with her. As the book progressed and her and Wren's background was filled in she became even more sympathetic to me.

If you liked Eleanor & Park I’d recommend reading this one too.

4 stars Rating 4/5


Weekend Update - The Summer Solstice Edition

>> Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Update

Let’s start with the reading update.

I finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I liked it a lot but not as much as I loved Eleanor & Park. I’m on the library waiting list for Attachments and I’m looking forward to reading that one soon. I've heard mixed reviews about her newest one (Landline). Have you read that one? Should I read it or skip it?

I still have both The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Birdmen: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and the Battle to Control the Skies by Lawrence Goldstone in a state of started but untouched for the past week. Maybe I’ll get to more of both of those this week.

I’m currently wrapped up in The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport. As I've said before, I’m a sucker for all things Romanov and I plan to spend any reading time I can get today with this one. It’s focus is on Nicholas and Alexandra’s four daughters.

On audio I finished Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson (narrated by George Guidall). I would have just moved on to the next one in the series but I didn't have it on my ipod yet when I finished Junkyard Dogs so I decided for a change of pace instead. I started Redshirts by John Scalzi. It’s about the red-shirted ensigns (of Star Trek fame) who seemed to die at a much higher rate than the series regulars. It’s a bit of slightly comic science fiction and the choice of Wil Wheaton to narrate it is excellent. I initially had a bit of trouble with listening to it due to the way the dialog is written but that is becoming less irritating as I continue with it. I'm enjoying the story so far.

As I mentioned last week we ran away to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. It was wonderful. It was so peaceful and beautiful and relaxing that it felt like much more than two days worth of getaway.

Waking up to this in the morning was pretty spectacular.

Tahoe morning

I loved having my morning coffee on the dock watching the lake, the ducks and seagulls, the paddle boarders, and the parasailers.
Tahoe morning on the dock

Sunset and a steak dinner on the grill on Saturday.
Tahoe evening

Tahoe and Wine

Then on Sunday a gondola ride up the mountain for a spectacular view.
Heavenly Mountain Gondola

Lake Tahoe from the Heavenly Mountain Observation Deck

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Audiobook – Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson

>> Friday, June 20, 2014

Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson

Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson

Genre: Mystery
Series: #6 in the Walt Longmire series
Publisher: Recorded Books
Publication Date: 2010
Length: 7 hours, 35 minutes
Read by: George Guidall
Source: Library

The Short Version:
Back home in Durant, Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire deals with a conflict between a developer and the family that runs the adjacent junkyard and dump.

Why I Read It:
This is one of my favorite audio series and I'm gradually getting caught up.

The Book:
From the Author’s website:
It's a volatile new economy in Durant when the owners of a multi-million dollar development of ranchettes want to get rid of the adjacent Stewart junkyard. The notorious Stewart clan is an adventure unto itself and, when conflicts erupt, Walt, Dog, life-long friend Henry Standing Bear, and deputies Santiago Saizarbitoria and Victoria Moretti find themselves in a small town that feels more and more like a high plains pressure cooker.
My Thoughts:
I didn't want to wait too long to get back to this series after listening to The Dark Horse and I'm glad I didn't. I'm just barely over halfway through the series as it stands now. I'm hoping to be caught up before the next one is published.

As always I thought George Guidall's narration perfectly matched the feel and pace of Walt and the story. Even though I watch the TV series and enjoy that just as much as the books, it's George Guidall's voice that is Walt to me.

I was glad to see the series back home in Durant. I missed the presence from the regular cast of supporting characters in the last book. Their ongong stories are as important to me at this point as the particular mystery in any of the books.

As usual Johnson manages to toss in moments of wry humor in the midst of the death and danger. Sometimes it's because of the quirky characters and other times it's Walt's comments and observations.
The Doc walked me into the first examination room and closed the door. I glanced around and noticed we were the only ones there, that's why I'm a sheriff, because I notice things like that.
With the holding cells filled to capacity, I was forced to take a nap in my office, which never works because everybody can find me.
Other times I'm just taken with the way Johnson words things
Marie tucked the baby's blanket and folded her hands in her lap -- if the little guy was colicky, he was showing no signs of it this afternoon. I didn't make a conscious effort to talk but found words in my mouth with nowhere else to go.
This is definitely a series worth checking out if you haven't. I'm partial to the audio editions but I'm sure they're just as enjoyable in print.

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the book

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the narration

SoundBytes is a weekly roundup of audio book reviews hosted by Jen at Devourer of Books.


Wordless Wednesday #243

>> Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lake Tahoe Morning

Lake Tahoe Morning
click on image for larger version

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Sous Chef by Michael Gibney

>> Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sous Chef by Michael Gibney

Sous Chef by Michael Gibney

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Ballantine
Publication Date: 2014
Pages: 214
Source: Library

The Short Version:
A glimpse into the behind the scenes workings of a restaurant kitchen.

Why I Read It:
I love watching competitive cooking shows on TV and when I heard about this book I thought it might be a good one for my first venture into world of Culinary Arts books.

The Book:
From the publisher

. . .Chef Michael Gibney uses twenty-four hours to animate the intricate camaraderie and culinary choreography in an upscale New York restaurant kitchen. Here readers will find all the details, in rapid-fire succession, of what it takes to deliver an exceptional plate of food—the journey to excellence by way of exhaustion.

My Thoughts:
I'm glad I read this. It's interesting and informative. The second-person narrative feels like an attempt to draw the reader into the events of the day. That's probably a good choice for this book. I didn't like that choice at first but later I thought that third--person narrative would have lessened the feeling of urgency and involvement.

I liked the glossary in the back. Most of the terminology I was not already familiar with was included and I think that for the format of this book it made better sense to do the explaining in a glossary rather than in the midst of the narrative.

I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant kitchen. I have a much better understanding about the lifestyle and work environments of the chefs I see competing on shows like Top Chef. I enjoyed learning about the routines and hierarchy of the various kitchen staff members.

I liked the format of the book in taking the reader through a busy Friday in an upscale restaurant. It began with the early morning opening and progressing on through service and after-work socializing to the opening for Saturday brunch. Mostly it made me thankful for my desk job and my weekday work schedule.

While I wouldn't classify this as a book I'd widely recommend to everyone I found it interesting. I would recommend it to people who have an interest in the workings of the restaurant industry and what it takes to be a chef. I passed it along to The Hubster and he seems to be feeling the same way. I think I made a good choice in selecting this book as my introduction to culinary memoirs and other similar books. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring more of this genre.

3 stars Rating 3/5


Weekend Update - The We Ran Away Edition

>> Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Reading this week:
I finished Sous Chef and while it was not great it was a good introduction to life in a restaurant kitchen. I think I'm glad I chose it as my entry book into the world of Culinary Arts books and memoirs.

I started Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I loved Eleanor and Park and I've heard so many good things about her other books. I'm liking this one so far.

I'm also continuing with The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. I have read the first two stories so far. They're fun.

On Audio I am nearly done with Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson. This is a good entry in the Walt Longmire series and as always I think George Guidall's narration sets the perfect tone for the story

I actually wrote this on Friday because we're running away to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. If all goes as planned this is what we're doing this afternoon.

A minute and a half of the ride down the mountain in a gondola . . .

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


The Purity of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen

>> Friday, June 13, 2014

Purity of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen

The Purity of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen

Genre: Crime Fiction / Mystery
Series: #4 in the Department Q series
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Date: 2013 (Originally published 2009)
Pages: 500
Source: e-galley provided by publisher

The Short Version:
Shifting between the 1950’s, late 1980’s and present day a story of revenge threads it’s way through many lives.

Why I Read It:
I’ve enjoyed the Department Q series so far although some more than others. At this point I’m always eager to read the next one to be translated and available in the US.

The Book:
From the publisher:

In 1987, Nete Hermansen plans revenge on those who abused her—especially Curt Wad, a surgeon who was part of a movement to sterilize wayward girls in the 1950s.

More than twenty years later, Detective Carl Mørck already has plenty on his mind when he is presented with the case of a brothel owner, a woman named Rita, who went missing in the eighties: New evidence has emerged in the case that sent Carl to Department Q.

But when Carl’s assistants, Assad and Rose, learn that numerous other people disappeared around the same weekend as Rita, Carl takes notice. Sifting through the evidence, they inch closer to Curt Wad, who is still committed to his twisted beliefs, and whose treatment of Nete only hints at his capacity for evil.

My Thoughts:
This series has been a bit up and down for me. I loved the first and the third but the second one was not one I liked nearly as well. They all include a primary cold case that Detective Morck and his associates Assad and Rose investigate. At the same time the ongoing stories of these three characters is as interesting to me as the primary mystery in each book. They all have a past that is slowly being revealed as the series continues.

This one landed in the interesting but I wish it was better category. The primary mystery bounced back and forth in time and at time became overly bloated with the details of Nete’s life and reason for exacting revenge on those she felt had wronged her. The story of Nete is alternated with Curt Wad’s story as well as the current goings on with the Department Q staff. There is also the ongoing story of the incident in which Carl’s partner was paralyzed and another detective was killed. Plus Carl is now named by his cousin as complicit in his uncle’s death years ago.

While the book was good and I enjoyed it I felt is was a bit bloated with too many storylines and as a result I found myself easily distracted from it. I think that’s part of the reason it took me longer than it normally would for me to read a book of this length.

The good news is that if the pattern so far with this series continues the next one will be excellent and I’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out in the fall.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5


Wordless Wednesday #242

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Basketball Bush

Neighborhood Basketball Bush
click on image for larger version

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Nutshell Review: Audiobook – How to Be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Photo Credit

How to Be a Pirate by Cressida CowellHow to Be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell, Narrated by David Tennant

Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy
Series: #2 in the How to Train Your Dragon series
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publication Date: 2004 for the book, 2013 for this audio edition
Length: 2 hours, 54 minutes
Read by: David Tennant
Source: Library

The Book:
From the publisher:
Follows the further adventures and misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third as his Viking training continues and his father leads a stranger and the Hairy Hooligans to the Isle of Skullions in search of a pirate's treasure.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed listening to the first of this series so much I started this second book right away.

Hiccup and his dragon Toothless once again had me laughing my way through my commute time. David Tennant's narration is just a delight.

The story begins with the young Vikings training to become Pirates. When "Alvin the Poor-But-Honest-Farmer" arrives on the scene he quickly gains the trust of Hiccup's father the chief of the tribe. Alvin soon has the Hairy Hooligans on a dangerous mission in search of the treasure of Hiccup's ancestor Grimbeard the Ghastly.

The adventure is fun. The story is over the top and full of humor that makes both 10 year old kids and me laugh.

I'm looking forward to continuing with this series. The books are short so they’re quick listens and for me they’ll make nice breaks between my typical audio mystery fare.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5 for the book

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the narration

SoundBytes is a weekly roundup of audio book reviews hosted by Jen at Devourer of Books.


Weekend Update – The Reading Slump That Really Wasn’t Edition

>> Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Update

Warning – massive reading catch up ahead.

I started off the month of May with a great burst of reading assisted by the Bout of Books excuse to not do other things for a week. Then it all fell apart. I didn't finish a book other than a short audio book between the 18th of May and June 5th. Craziness. Actually that’s the reason for it – craziness. Work was busy and I was busy outside of work. I felt like I never had more than a few minutes here and there to read. It didn't help that the book I was reading was one from which I was easily distracted.

I blame it on the weather. I blame it on my schedule. I blame it a little bit on the book.

Anyway – things are calming down. I’ve moved on to other books I’ve got almost nothing on my To Do list today and I’ve got at least three books I plan to spend some quality time with today.

So since my last reading update: I finished reading Purity of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen. While I generally love the Department Q series this one seemed to be a bit bloated. My history with this series has been ‘loved it’, ‘thought it could have been better’, ‘loved it’ and again ‘thought it could have been better’. The good news is that I’m due for a ‘loved it’ next, right?

I had barely started reading Birdmen: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and the Battle to Control the Skies by Lawrence Goldstone but put it aside until I finished Purity of Vengeance. I hope to pick it up again this week.

I started reading The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes the other day. This collection of stories will be nice to read as breaks between my other books. I finished the first of the eleven stories which was fittingly on Potential Triple Crown weekend about a race horse.

I also started Sous Chef by Michael Gibney. I have wanted for a while to start reading some of the many culinary memoirs and non-fiction out there but haven’t really jumped into that genre yet. I love watching competitive cooking shows with both professionals and home cooks. This book seemed like a good starting point. It chronicles 24 hours in a restaurant kitchen and has a good glossary for the terminology that I don’t know already. I’m enjoying it as an introduction and already have many other Culinary Arts books on my wish list.

What are your favorite culinary memoirs or similar books? I’m interested in building my wish list for this genre.

I have a stack of graphic novels out from the library that I need to work through and plan to pick one of those to start this afternoon. I haven’t read any since I finished the latest issue of Saga which I now read as the issues are released. I know the third collected edition of the series is out now but I have to warn you that the first individual issue of the new story arc traumatized me. I’m having anxiety attacks waiting for the next issue later this month.

On audio I listened to the second in the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. How to be a Pirate was just as much fun as the first book. I absolutely adore David Tennant’s narration of this series.

My current audio book is Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson (narrated by George Guidall). I just love the Walt Longmire books on audio and this one has been very good so far.

As usual, the random photos from this week:

 I picked this one up at Powell’s this week. An ad in Shelf Awareness about the follow up book about the 1929 Race Across America caught my attention and both The Hubster and I thought this sounded interesting. Conveniently Powell’s had a copy available.

Lion cubs  - Oregon Zoo

We went to the zoo last week. The nine-month old lion cubs were out and the new Condor exhibit is open.

California Condor - Oregon Zoo
They always remind me of the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal

I was surprised to see the hippo out of the water for a change.

Hippo - Oregon Zoo

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Wordless Wednesday #241

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lion Family Portrait
The Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo Lion Family
click on image for larger version

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Nutshell Review: Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity by Jeff Lemire

>> Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photo Credit

Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity by Jeff Lemire

Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity by Jeff Lemire

Genre: Science Fiction, Grapic Novel
Series: #2 in the Sweet Tooth series
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: 2010
Pages: 144
Source: Library

The Book:
This volume 2 is a compilation of issues 6-11 of the comic series.

From the publisher:
'When they come and get you... you don't never come back.' There are no good people left in the world. Gus is learning that the hard way. Gus thought the man called Jepperd was his protector, his friend. But then Jepperd brought him to a terrible place where half-animal hybrid children like Gus are kept in cages. A place where hard men conduct lethal experiments in a vain attempt to unravel the secret of the plague that has ravaged the world. These men sense that Gus is special. And they'll get to the bottom of what makes him that way... by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Jepperd himself is a free man, who can roam the wastelands at will. But he can never forget the life he left behind. Now he's spiraling, heading down a self-destructive path... and the tragedy he's worked so hard to bury, the tragedy that mad him what he is, waits for him at the bottom.

My Thoughts:
This second volume of this intriguing series was even more fascinating than the first.

Gus is shocked to learn that Jepperd has left him in a horrible place and his trusting nature is challenged as he learns more about what this place is. In the meantime Jepperd’s story is told primarily in flashbacks which show that he hasn't always been the mercenary he is now.

After setting up the initial scenario in the first volume this one does a great job of developing more of both the present day story and filling in some background.

It’s a gritty story with moments of tenderheartedness. The artwork is dark and a bit rough but that perfectly suits the story.

I can’t wait to dive into volume three to see where this story goes next.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5


June Photo a Day Challenges

>> Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenges

I tried something different for Photo a Day last month and I liked it so much it’s going to become my routine. Today I posted photo number 807 to Shuttercal.

I have been doing this daily photo thing for over two years and I still enjoy having a reason to look for beauty in the everyday and to look at the things I see on a routine basis in new ways. I don’t want to stop doing that but I have realized that sticking to just one of the many lists of Photo a Day prompts that can be found on Instagram is just not for me. After this long some of the prompts just don’t interest me any more. I have no interest in any prompt that is a form of selfie or a photo of a meal. Sometimes I just don’t want to do a prompt I’ve done many times.

Last month I saved a bunch of the Photo a Day Prompt lists in an album on my phone and every day I picked a prompt that interested me. I only did more than one prompt a couple of times. I liked having a choice and being able to skip the prompts that didn’t interest me of that were not practical due to location or weather. I was also able to see photos from some new to me folks in the different Instagram communities

Here are just a few examples of what's out there for May:
(click on the images to see larger versions)

There are a couple with weekly prompts which could be fun:

I have saved a bunch of different May prompt lists to a separate album on my phone. My plan is to pick one prompt each day from all of those lists. This means I can skip the prompts that don't interest me and I can also get to visit different photo sharing communities throughout the month.

I have found that I really enjoy picking one from a bunch of prompts each day for a photo.

Here are my favorites from my May Photo a Day adventures:

May 11th - mother
May 17th - delicate
3 things
May 18th - 3 things
next to
May 23rd - black & white
May 26th - pet
May 29th - face

I hope you'll consider joining me for taking and sharing daily photos.


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